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Marquee Memories: The Kooks

Written by Jessica Curtis / Photography by: Erica Lauren / March 13, 2019

Get ready for another addition of our exciting segment, Marquee Memories, this time featuring British rockers The Kooks. In support of their latest album, Let's Go Sunshine, released in 2018, the band has been tirelessly touring — including a stint of opening for The Rolling Stones, no big deal. Their latest trek brought them across the pond to perform throughout the states which just wrapped earlier this month. As The Kooks continue to showcase their musical talents around the world, we couldn't help but wonder, what musicians do these guys find inspiring?
The Kooks' Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris stopped by our studio to reminisce on their most notable concert experiences, including the iconic artists' Chuck Berry and Motörhead. Watch as the guys share the moments that inspired them musically, as well as the recreation of a signature stage move influenced by the late Berry.
Marquee Memories: The Kooks Share Their Favorite Concert Moments
Ever wonder who The Kooks find musically inspiring? In the latest edition of Marquee Memories with, Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris reminisce on their most notable concert
experiences seeing Chuck Berry and Motorhead.
Marquee Memories: The Kooks Share Their Favorite Concert Moments
Chuck Berry
Luke Pritchard:
“I think I was between 7 - 8 when I saw Chuck Berry. For me, it was like my first ever musical moment and it always stuck with me the ‘Duck Walk.’ The performance that he did, he must have been 80 years old, and even then I thought I want to be that guy, I want to be doing like a duck walk onstage and playing rock and roll music. I tried, cant do it as well as him, but I can do a duck walk. I mean I do it pretty much every show.”
Hugh Harris:
“I saw Motörhead, we actually played a festival in Germany and it was incredibly muddy. We found, I think, the only dry patch of grass in the crowd to go watch them from and it was Luke and me and Pete and Alexis and we stood there watching them and they came on and just pretty much gave me a new hair style. I think just the onslaught, the sonic onslaught was just something that I’d never experienced from any gig before, like the sheer volume it was just, you know, mind blowing.”
For more on The Kooks, including their exclusive Tour Update interview, take a look at as well as where to find them currently performing on their official website.
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