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Artist to Discover at SXSW 2019: Jerry Paper

Written by Asal Shah / March 13, 2019

After hours of sweltering sunshine, day beers/ energy drinks, and hammering rock bands, your SXSW routine will be begging for a change. Enter: Jerry Paper. The Los Angeles "lounge-act" rocker is here to soothe your restless soul and give you a show to never forget.
Jerry Paper is the project of producer and songwriter Lucas Nathan. Originally, he was inspired to create a band that is the antithesis of a cool band - since most of those outfits rejected him due to "nerdy looks." Well jokes on them because Jerry Paper has evolved into what those cool bands wish they were now!
Jerry Paper performs free jazz-like music with surrealistic antics. He's a self-proclaimed weirdo and would often dons a garland and silk robe during performances. At a Jerry Paper set, you really can expect anything from Nathan... anything but a normal show. For instance, maybe you're questioning whether he's ever danced in his life, or curious if his distorted body movements are a tick, or just part of the show.
One thing that's clear is that since signing onto Stones Throw Records, the Jerry Paper band has begun to sophisticate their sound, especially with 2018's release Like a Baby. Listen to the tasty tunes below:
"My God"
"Grey Area"
"Your Cocoon"
While the recorded output is incredibly pleasant, it's the live show that truly actualizes the music. And if you walk away from a set thinking "is this a joke?" then according to Nathan, he's done his job.
Jerry Paper will be touring around their SXSW showcases, so if you won't be there this year, try to catch them at one of the dates below. And as the Instagram post suggests, JP REALLY wants you to come out for a gig!
For details on official SXSW showcases, see below, but to catch any unofficial sets (and there are quite a few,) make sure to peep JP's Twitter account!
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