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Spotlight Artist: ToR+ Saksit

Written by Live Nation Asia / December 06, 2017

• About ToR+ Saksit

ToR+ Saksit is a Thai singer, pianist and song writer. He started playing piano at the age of three and through the years, his expertise at the keys caught the attention of world-renowned pianist Richard Clayderman, who invited ToR+ to join him on stage when Clayderman played a concert in Bangkok. His star started to shine from that point on.

His official solo debut album called ToR+ Living in C Major was released in 2007 and was an immediate hit. Leading the success of the album was the smash hit single “Rak Thur”.

ToR+ has now been in the music industry for over 12 years. ToR+ has released nine albums to date: his debut with B5 plus four instrumental albums and four vocal albums. After being away from the spotlight for over two years since his last album Add9 (2013), ToR+ is back with a brand new album.

In 2008, ToR+ won the Thailand Favorite Artist Award at the MTV Asia Awards held in Genting, Malaysia. Internationally, ToR+ was also invited to perform at The 11th KKBox Music Awards in Taiwan, where he performed “Fark Ma Kab Duang Dao” adapted with Chinese lyrics. ToR speaks fluent Mandarin.

ToR+ was also a guest at the Kamen Rider Girls Concert & featured “Just You and Me”, a song they collaborated on together, which ToR+ composed as the Kamen Rider theme song. Also, ToR+ has recorded a duet with Sony Music China star, Joshua Jin. The song, written by ToR+, is called 'Waiting For Love' and was released by Sony Music China in July 2017.

ToR+ performed the duet live in Beijing with Joshua, at Joshua’s album launch. He also performed his solo single, “Promised Journey”,  live at the Beijing showcase. Now comes ToR’s second solo single for Sony Music China, “Closer To Your Heart”.

About “Closer To Your Heart (住進你心裡)”

This upbeat single is a little different from any of ToR+’s previous releases and as such, immediately caught the attention of his Thai fans, when released by BEC Tero Music in Thailand.  

The song in Thai, is called “Rak Ching Ching” and is now the centrepiece of his live set ,with audiences engaging in a call and response of the lyrics with ToR+.

In Chinese, ToR+ has named the song “Closer To Your Heart (住進你心裡)”, with the lyric “Ching Ching ”remaining  in the chorus.

“Closer To Your Heart” is released by Sony Music China on November 24th 2018.


2003  Play Boyd Kosiyabong Songbook
2004  Piano & I, B5 ‘Event’
2007  Living in C Major
2007  Piano & I Part Two
2008  ToR+ (Munk?)
2010  Piano & I III : Yesterday & Everyday’
2011  Where Is Love?
2013  Add9
2018  Chapter I

Music Video

金貴晟 Joshua Jin feat. ToR+ Saksit 《等等愛 Waiting For Love》

ToR+ Saksit - 约定旅程(Promised Journey)

ฝากมากับดวงดาว Fak Ma Kap Duangdao

รักจริงจริง Rak Ching Ching


Most Popular Male Artist - 2007 Virgin Hitz Awards
‘Love You’ Most Popular Song of the year - 2007 Virgin Hitz Awards 2007
‘Love You’ Most Download Song of the Year - 2007 Virgin Hitz Awards
Teen Choice Music Male Artist - 2007 Seventeen Awards
Male Media Darling Awards - OK Magazine Awards
‘Love You’ Most Popular Song of the Year - 2007 Star Entertainment Awards
Best Male of the Year - 2007 Seed Awards
‘Love You’ Song of the Year - 2007 Nine Entertain Awards
Favourite Artist Thailand - 2008 MTV Asia Awards
Teen Choice Music Male Artist - 2008 Seventeen Awards
Producer of the Year (Munk?) - 2009 Seed Awards
Best Thai Artist - 2015 Korean & Culture Entertainment Awards and Asia Awards
Artist That Matters Asia 2017 - Apple Music/Music Matters

Social Media
Official LINE Account : ToR+ SAKSIT
Weibo: torsaksit麥聖傑


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