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Written by LNTV Staff / Photography by Barry Brecheisen, One Nation / January 16, 2017

Joshua Tillman, better known for his indie rock moniker Father John Misty, has taken to the stage to preview some new material from his upcoming album. His follow-up to I Love You, Honeybear has yet to be officially announced, but it’s been reported by a reddit user that Tillman has finished the new album.

The 6th Annual SMooCH Benefit was held on Saturday night at The Showbox in Seattle, where Father John Misty performed along with The New Pornographers, Naked Giants, and J Mascis. In contrast to his 2-song set at XPN Festival in New Jersey this past summer, the folk singer played a full 8-song acoustic set to the charitable crowd. According to a concert attendee, the performance included, “Pure Comedy,” “When the God of Love,” “Holy Hell,” “Two Wildly Different,” “Bored,” “Trump’s Private Pilot (Cover),” “Come to Mama (Demo),” and “Leaving LA."

Father John premiered his cover of Tim Heidecker’s “Trump’s Private Pilot” on SoundCloud prior to Election Day, in which The Donald became the President-Elect. The songwriter is known infamously to voice his opinions, more recently in regards to the state of the country and of society as a whole. Tillman has always put out songs that are politcally-charged and filled with social satire.

Following the post-election madness, he released an original song “Holy Hell” on SoundCloud November 22. The new single highlights a state of disillusionment and despair as we face a future that “ain’t looking so bright." As somewhat of a call to arms, he ends with, “the world won’t end unless we want it to, there’s no one in control, and it’s our life to choose.” You can listen to the single here:

Hopefully we’ll get some more news from the Father about the release of new music—if anything, we’re sure it will be interesting.

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