5 Things You Likely Didn't Know About Ramin Djawadi

Written by Trevor Bergher / Photography by Andres Jimenez / February 11, 2020

With the exception of some of the Thrones fans out there, most of us that have heard of Ramin Djawadi really only know him for writing the music to all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. But, there is so much more to this famed composer than we would have ever thought!

So, who is the real Ramin Djawadi? Here are 5 things you likely didn’t know…

  • Ramin was born to a German mother and an Iranian father
  • He began playing the organ when he was just 4 years old and was inspired to become a composer by The Magnificent Seven, a movie based on Japanese samurai drama
  • He studied at Berkley College of Music and graduated summa cum laude of his class. After graduating top of his class, he was quickly picked up by his now-mentor and fellow German composer, Hans Zimmer
  • Contrary to popular belief, when asked who is favorite character in GOT is, it’s actually Daenerys!
  • He wrote the soundtrack for the Marvel Studios Iron Man film

Did you know any of these were true!? I sure didn’t. So, next time you are watching GOT with a friend or family member that you are trying to impress, make sure to whip one of these facts out!

To check him out in action, check out the tour trailer below and make sure to see the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience by purchasing tickets here.


Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience:

8/5/18 – Madrid, Spain

10/5/18 – Barcelona, Spain

12/5/18 – Paris, France

14/5/18 – Berlin, Germany

15/5/18- Lodz, Poland

16/5/18 – Prague, Czech Republic

18/5/18 – Budapest, Hungary

19/5/18 – Vienna, Austria

21/5/18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

22/5/18 – Antwerp, Belgium

24/5/18 – Dublin, Ireland

25/5/18 – Belfast, UK

27/5/18 – London, UK

29/5/18 – Hamburg, Germany

31/5/18 – Stockholm, Sweden

1/6/18 – Copenhagen, Denmark

4/6/18 – Munich, Germany

5/6/18 – Zurich, Switzerland

7/6/18 – Frankfurt, Germany

8/6/18 – Cologne, Germany

11/6/18 – Glasgow, UK

12/6/18 – Manchester, UK

14/6/18 – London, UK

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