Special Interview with BTOB 4U

Written by Live Nation Asia / January 18, 2021

How did the band name “BTOB 4U” comes about?

Lee Minhyuk: It has an ambiguous meaning of' For you' and 'four members are united'.


BTOB 4U new track is titled ‘Show Your Love’, can you share with us the message the band hopes to deliver?

Eunkwang: Like the lyrics '사랑보다 더 큰 힘은 없어. 그것뿐이면 돼' (There is no greater power than love. All that is necessary). It contains a message saying that it would be good to pass along the love to everyone near you.


If you can swap your physical body with one of the members, which member will you want to swap with and why?

Lee Changsub: Peniel! I want to have broad shoulders and back like him.


Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with?

Peniel: I’m down to collaborate with anyone really as long as I like the song.


What would you say is the difference between BTOB & BTOB 4U in terms of music?

Seo Eunkwang: I don’t think there is a big difference in music. It’s just a difference in number of members. In fact, we had a lot of thought on whether to work as BTOB or BTOB 4U. However, we thought that it was a true BTOB only when the voices of all the members were included, so we decided to have a unit name BTOB 4U. So BTOB 4U can be said to be BTOB's affiliated artist.


What can we expect from the upcoming 2021 BTOB 4U ONLINE CONCERT [INSIDE]?

Lee Changsub: It would be nice to look forward to the performances presented through various angles.

Peniel: Obviously it won’t be as fun as a live concert but because it’s an online concert I feel like fans from all over the world will be able to view the concert. You can expect the norm. Our professional side, our goofy side, just us having fun on stage. Us being us!


The world of music has changed a lot in the past year. Did you face any challenge during the preparation of the online concert?

Lee Minhyuk: Not much difference in preparation of the show, biggest regret is that we cant meet the melodies in person. Hope to meet the fans in person as soon as possible.


You guys have received so much love from fans across Asia, any special new year message you want to deliver to them?

Seo Eunkwang: Happy New Year, our beloved Melody! Hope everything you do is going well in 2021 and hope everyone gets happier. Love you!

Lee Minhyuk: I'm just grateful and thankful. I will run hard to become a bigger endorphin for Melody!

Lee Changsub: Thanks to Melodies that always giving us a big love. Although I cannot meet you in person now, I pray that I can see you in front of my eyes as soon as possible. I hope you are healthy and happy until then. Happy New Year!

Peniel: 2020 has been a hard year for everyone around the world but in 2021 I’m gonna try to be a bit more optimistic and grateful. Hopefully our fans can do the same.


Lastly, 2021 has finally arrived! What is your new year resolution and what would you like to archieve this year?

Seo Eunkwang: The most important New Year's plan is for Hyunsik and Seongjae to discharge safely. And until all the members gather, BTOB 4U works hard to make our melody happy!

Lee Minhyuk: Work hard without getting sick! I want to build a lot of heal happy memories with melody.

Lee Changsub: I want to show more diverse aspects of Lee Changsub. Not only music, but also acting, entertainment, etc. I will visit you in various fields!

Peniel: Like I said earlier my resolution is to just try to be more optimistic and grateful. In 2021 I’d like to maybe release a mixtape or at least 1 or 2 singles.

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