EXCLUSIVE: Interview with H3rizon

Written by Live Nation Asia / July 15, 2020

H3rizon are a phenomenal girl group from Sydney Australia, consisting of vocalists Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Taylah Albert (Taya) and Gabrielle Montalbo (Gabby). Characterized by their Pop/Soul/R&B style music mixed with incredible vocal arrangements, they are known for their beautiful harmonies and unique interpretation of melodies. 

Currently under the guidance of Philippe-Marc Anquetil (Little Mix, One Direction, Ruel, Shinee, TVXQ, Kumi Koda), H3rizon are a rising star you shouldn’t miss.

We caught up with the group ahead of their virtual performance. Check it out!


Hi, girls! Thanks for taking the interview. Can you tell us more about yourself? E.g. where are you from, music background, where are you based?

Thank you for having us for this interview! We’re a girl group from Sydney, Australia. We come from all over Sydney, from the south west to the inner west.


How did you all meet? What made you decide to work together?

We all met through mutual gigs and started off collaborating as a cover band in different concerts and competitions. Even though we loved how we sounded together doing covers, we wanted to go further and “discover” our own sound that incorporated all our different styles and skills in music.


Any special meaning of the name H3RIZON? 

“She’s keeping her eyes on the horizon and her hands on the wheel” is the saying that inspired our name. To our group, it means to never lose sight of who we are but also what we want to become. On our journey there, we want to be in the moment, work hard, and push through anything that comes our way.


Who/ what inspired you to start a career in music?

Taya: I’ve loved singing since the age of 2. The Disney princesses on TV got me screaming my lungs off in the backyard and since then my dedication and love for music kept me going all these years.

Gabby: I started singing when I first discovered the karaoke machine as a child. When my parents enrolled me in singing and piano lessons, I’ve just immersed myself in music since and my passion for it has kept on growing. 

Bernie: I was 11 years old seeing other children like Justin Bieber and Willow Smith already working in the industry doing what they love. This made me think I could do it too. Since then, I found more inspiring producers and songwriters to look to like Nija, Carmen Reecey, and Billie Eilish.

As a group, we want to follow in the footsteps of Destiny’s Child, TLC, Chloe x Halle, and Little Mix. Their connection with each other and the amount of work they put into their craft is something we want to emulate ourselves.


How would you describe your music to someone who's never seen you play before?

We like to play a lot with vocal harmony which is a predominant element in our music. Although we’re heavily inspired by pop, we still want to make our music sound diverse, and we do that by taking hints of different genres and styles. One song is R&B with some opera, another one would be our take on 2000s pop, and the next one is more musical infused with electronic elements.


We love your latest single “Songbird”. What’s the concept behind it?

We use the “songbird” as a metaphor for the connection and vulnerability between two people in any relationship. You could picture yourself in this song yearning for the other person to open up to you. But it’s almost impossible for them to do no matter how much you’ve been fighting and losing yourself for it.


We know the group has been doing covers on YouTube. What’s your favourite performance so far?

Gabby: I’d say our version of ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish was by the far the most fun one for me. We took the song in a really different turn to the original, even my friends couldn’t recognise what it was and they loved what we did to it!

Taya: My fave performance so far is the live sets we've recently had the opportunity to do. It’s been such an eye opener having our audiences watch through a camera and a thrilling experience to perform as a group.

Bernie: My fave is our take on ‘Kill This Love’ by BLACKPINK. I loved how much fun it was to learn Korean and arrange harmonies in that language.


If you each had to select an album that means most to you, what would it be and why?

Gabby: I don’t often listen to entire albums, but Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Truth Is’ album really struck a nerve in me. She is so sincere in her delivery, and the talent she exudes in her songs is unmatchable. It’s a very beautiful album worth listening to. 

Taya: I would select Bazzi's "Cosmic" album. It connects to me in a mental and emotional way. It makes me feel connected and gives me a better understanding of reality and perceptions of relationships with people.


Bernie: Definitely Chloe x Halle’s ‘Ungodly Hour’. Their unmatched skills, not only as singers, but as producers and songwriters just shine through in that album. It’s got a sense of freedom but it’s also like everything was carefully thought out.


What's been looping on your playlist in 2020?

Gabby: Right now, ‘Find Someone Like You’ by Snoh Aalegra is always on repeat for me. It’s the type of song you really need in 2020 to just relax and vibe to :)

Taya: At the moment, I seem to be stuck on Bea Miller's "Feel Something". I love the way the song is lyrically and melodically. It's an obsession.

Bernie: ‘Pretty Little Fears’ by 6LACK and J. Cole is always on repeat for me. My boo showed it to me but it’s the type of song you wish you found first instead!


We are very excited about your virtual performance! What should our followers expect?

Expect a lot of original music that is yet to be released ;) plus our versions of popular songs today. It’s really going to be a chill and intimate but upbeat performance that we enjoyed doing and we can’t wait for our followers to see it!


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