Written by Emilee Lindner / March 20, 2017

Right before Bruno Mars became a superstar sensual hitmaker dude, he was just a songwriter with perfect pitch and incredible swag. Except there was no way Bruno wasn't going to blow up—with the voice of a sexy angel, the face of, well, also an angel, and the moves of a young, funky version of Justin Timberlake, it wasn't long before Bruno took up permanent residence in our hearts.

To give you a preview what you might see on Bruno's 24K Magic World tour 2017, we're focusing on 13 of those suave dance moves. From his "Uptown Funk" choreographed dance to his Grammy Awards flair,  Bruno is always bumpin' to somethin'. Let's dig into Mars' inimitable moves:

1. The Super Split

When Bruno Mars performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, he pulled off this super split with little to no effort. So smooth.

2. The Hips Don't Lie

An ancient proverb waxes: "A hip thrust is worth a thousand words." And there's no one who embodies this totally real saying more than Bruno Mars.

3. The Floppy Scarecrow

When Mars hit up Saturday Night Live, he showed off one of his looser go-tos, with his arms in the air and a slight bounce.

4. The Side-To-Side

Bruno is rarely without a smile when he's performing his more upbeat jams, so during another SNL gig, he was beaming as he busted out his side-step move, his entire crew in sync.

5. The Modified Lawnmower

The "Uptown Funk" video served up choreography in its funkiest form. We're not exactly sure who came up with this move, but Bruno makes it look so good.

6. The Fake Out

Now that we know the kid can dance, this robotic roly move just seems like a modest fake out. You're not fooling anyone, Bruno!

7. The Baller Shuffle

Bruno moves his legs faster than you can blink in the "Uptown Funk" video, and along with pulling off this swaggy shuffle, he's also sipping effortlessly on a gentleman's pour of liquor.

8. The Subtle Boogie

The funk is within him. On The Voice, Mars proved that even the most contained boogie is an infectious one.

9. The Glittery Shoulder Swoop

When teaching James Corden how to channel his mojo on Carpool Karaoke, Mars walked him through his signature shoulder roll without flaw.

10. The Groovy Goof

Even when Bruno is being a dork, he still has it. Don't believe me? Just watch.

11. The Elvis Presley

Even when Bruno was a little kid impersonating Elvis Presley in Hawaii, he was still possessed by DANCE. Look at him showing off for Pauly Shore on MTV!

12. The Spanker

Slap it on the left. Slap it on the right. So goes Bruno Mars at the BRIT Awards.

13. The Gobble Wobble

No one can be Prince, but Bruno can do a pretty good job at honoring his swag level. When Bruno paid tribute to the late legend at the Grammy Awards, he injected some Bruno body and a killer guitar solo.

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