Written by Emilee Lindner / Photography by Timothy Hiatt / June 28, 2017

Nickelback are about to embark on a huge summer tour, visiting 44 cities throughout North America in support of their new album, Feed the Machine. They’re taking along Daughtry and Shaman’s Harvest.

Despite the unnecessary jabs Nickelback has endured, the Canadian band has risen above: they’ve won more Juno Awards than you can count on two hands (along with multiple Grammy nominations), and as of 2011, they’ve sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. That being said, they’re doing just fine, with millions of supportive fans across the globe.

Which is why we went to those fans to serve a little bit of Nickelback realness as we prepare for the guys’ upcoming Feed the Machine Tour. We asked 10 Nickelback heads and mild converts why you need to see Nickelback’s live shows this summer, and here’s what we got. Perhaps if you get inspired enough, you might want to snatch up some tickets!

"They are so good with their fans. Always make you feel part of the show. They sound amazing too! My mum came with me as my mate couldn't make it and she bloomin' loved it! [Chad Kroeger] picked me to sing with them! They were doing 'Rockstar' karaoke. I made it my mission to be picked. Me and my mates had banners and I tweeted them so much I won an upgrade. It was pretty epic." - Danielle F., U.K.

“When I go to see them, they all shred. The drummer is great and the lead guitarist is insanely good. Plus, I'm personally a big fan of Chad Kroeger's voice. It has a rasp that I appreciate... Some songs have great messages. Others are dirty. The immature teenager in me still loves that. Combine that with the nostalgia of listening to songs that I grew up with, and it makes for an amazing show. Aside for being great live, the shows also have some amazing special effects. I remember some flames that shot up last time that I could feel from the lawn. I can only imagine that fans the front rows were eyebrow-less the next day.” - John V., NY

“I ended up genuinely having a great time, unexpectedly. Once I realized that it’s a party band, and we were there to party, it was fun... They had a bunch of pyros and stage antics. I’m down to experience any band at least once, and I mean, I have fun memories from that night for sure. I was standing at front of house, and literally could feel the heat on my face. It was that extravagant. There was A LOT of fire.” - Jess P., Baltimore

"I have been to see them five times... I was in the pit for two of them. The others I was just in seating. I remember one in Cincinnati in the summer—they had Bush as one of their opening bands and they were awesome. I always tell people they put on a fantastic live performance and they truly respect and care about their fans! Their music has always been a bonding thing for my mom and I. So that's why they are special to me." - Ashley F., Ohio

“The group walk on stage really unassuming and totally at one with the audience. They have a brilliant way of making the audience feel as if they are pleased that you’re there, rather than some that think you owe them for even turning up. Chad and the guys engage with the audience in a way that is totally comfortable. You are captivated from the first line of the first song to the last encore. … Of course not forgetting Chad is also the sexiest man to ever walk the earth which also helps. Nickelback leave you wanting more, which is rare these days, and I, for one, cannot wait to see them again, and I'm currently planning on flying from the U.K. to the U.S. to see them on tour.” - Helen W., U.K.

“Seeing them live brings their music to an entirely new level. I have been to many concerts and theirs by far was the most extravagant. Not only were the pyrotechnics and lighting incredible, but the energy felt from the performers themselves was beyond anything I could've expected. The live performance gave me an entirely new perspective on Nickelback and a new found level of respect inspired by their passion for music.” - Alaina W., New York

“Nickelback are a great live band because you aren't 'watching' a concert; you're part of it. I have watched a lot of bands, and they all have their merits and reasons to watch. Nickelback are not only tight musicians who are always on point, but they involve the crowd and make it feel like you're all at a party! Just watch the 'Burn It To The Ground' video—that was an amazing gig at the O2 in London. You can see how into it the crowd are. I was there—that isn't a manufactured video, no retakes, nothing staged—that is just how great a Nickelback concert is. - Mark T., U.K.

"Some of the commentary was really good. They opened with 'Something in Your Mouth' off the Dark Horse album and messed up something in the lyrics. They didn't try to play it off... they finished the song and Chad Kroeger was like, 'Welp, I screwed that one up, huh?' He laughed it off and was really chill. 'Burn It to the Ground' had some cool pyrotechnics shooting out of the stage. 'Photograph' had a really cool slideshow of some of their real-life pictures and stuff with friends, family, etc. They had it playing across the screens. And, in large part, I felt like their live stuff sounded a ton like the recorded stuff. I find it awesome when an artist sounds the same live as they would on a produced track." - Andrew W., New York

"The great thing about Nickelback is that they create a show where you feel part of there family. I won VIP last year, and it was incredible to see them interact with all the fans. I feel like nothing else matters when I'm there listening to their music and watching them perform. I take my Mam every time they come to U.K., and we love it." - Sarah E., U.K.

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