Written by Emilee Lindner / April 27, 2017

John Legend has the voice of an angel and the appeal of sleeping in freshly laundered bed. His megahits usually have him crooning about love, injecting modern Top 40 with a dose of old-school romance and making our knees weak in the process. So when he visited The Late Show on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert suggested he try to make other things sound sexy, not just love.

Dr. John was waiting for him at the piano, as Legend, like a true gentleman, unbuttoned his suit jacket and placed his hands on the keys.

"Honey, I'm running out to the Costco / There's no such thing as too many paper towels," he sang on his first try. Wow. Do you feel that? Sexiness.

"Baby, my beige turtleneck is pilling / So please wash it inside-out / Tumble dry / Tumble dry / Tumble dry low," he sang next with a deeper voice, taking liberties with the lyrical matter.

Legend later performed a track from his Darkness and Light album, "Sure Fire." 


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