Music to Celebrate Pride across the World.

Written by Flora Riddle / July 13, 2017

Music has always been a source of expression and advocate for equal rights and below are just some of the multitude of tracks that support and embrace the LGBTQ+ and often tackle the difficulties that members of community can face.

Same Love – Macklemore


Despite this being released over 5 years ago the simple message ‘No freedom till we’re equal’ expresses the central message of equal rights that it still an important lesson to share.

Born This Way – Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga has always been a symbol of self expression and loving yourself and others for their differences. This song simply sums up that message whilst also being a great dance track.

Vogue – Madonna 

A true icon for the LGBTQ+ community Vogue is one of the original tracks to acknowledge the ‘The pain of life that you know’. The songs meaningful lyrics are mixed with a classic track that is still hugely popular today.

I Know a Place – MUNA 

This song by the American group was in response to the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub in 2016 where 49 people lost their lives. The song identifies the importance of having the support of the community where you can express yourself.

True Colours – Cyndi Lauper 

The title of the track explains why this is a symbolic song for the community.

Wild - Troye Sivan 

This Australian YouTuber turned pop artists has a talent for emotional songs that embrace love for anyone.

The Greatest – Sia


The video for this was also in response to the Orlando shooting,  and the lyrics of the song have a message of resilience and strength.

Freedom! ’90 - George Michael 

George Michael’s music still resonates strongly with the message of pride and coming to terms with who you are and though the artist tragically died in 2016 his music is still beloved around the world.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor 

Perhaps the track most associated with the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community the message of strength through repression and exclusion is hopefully one that will become less necessary in the future.

I Want to Break Free – Queen 

The video shows the band members dressed as women act and the title of wanting to break free hints at freeing yourself from the constraints of societies judgement.

Pride events take place around the world and hope to raise awareness and create acceptance for everyone.

Upcoming Pride Events Around the World

22 July – Berlin Pride Parade

28-30 July – San Francisco Pride

4-6 August – Amsterdam Pride

6 August – Vancouver Pride Parade

7-13 August – Prague Pride

26 November – Hong Kong

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