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Written by Live Nation Taiwan / February 26, 2023


⏰Date:2023/03/04 (SAT)

⏰Time:6:00 PM (Actual performance time based on on-site situation)


Show Info

Seated Area Est. Door Time:5:00 PM


   ⏰Est Queue time: 4:30 PM

   ⏰Est Door time: 5:00 PM

    ● Guests with smaller serial numbers can queue backward with guests with larger serial numbers. But guests with larger serial numbers are not allowed to queue forward with guests with smaller serial numbers.

    ● Once the queue begins to enter the concert hall, late comers should queue from the end of the queuing line.


  ⏰Check In Time:2PM - 3:30 PM

   📍Check In Counter:Live Nation Taiwan Info Counter

  ⏰Est. Queue Time:3PM

  ⏰Est. Door Time:3:30 PM

  ⏰Est. Start Time:4PM


        1. Please show the ticket to staff upon registration. Once verified, staff will give a SOUND CHECK EVENT serial number card to and wear a wristband for the ticket holder. The serial number cards are delivered randomly. Damage of the wristband may cause the denial for entry.

        2. Only the concert ticket owners are qualified for SOUND CHECK EVENT. SOUND CHECK EVENT serial number card, wristband, and the concert ticket are required to access to SOUND CHECK EVENT.

        3. SOUND CHECK EVENT participants are to access the venue from Yellow Gate. Please follow the on-site staff instruction at the hallway to designated seats.

        4. Participants will leave the concert hall after SOUND CHECK EVENT for the concert queue line.

        5. Please do not damage the wristband after SOUND CHECK EVENT. Wristband and the concert ticket are required for re-entry to the venue.

        6. If you didn’t check in within the announced time on entry notice, your SOUND CHECK EVENT benefit will be given up and the concert ticket cannot be refunded.

Signed Poster Giveaway

  ⏰Signed Poster Collection Time:Show Day 4PM~5PM

   📍Signed Poster Collection Counter:Live Nation Taiwan Info Counter

    ● If you didn’t pick up within the announced time on entry notice, your benefit will be given up and the concert ticket cannot be refunded.

⍟ Public Health Measures

⚠️As per venue regulation,masks are required throughout the performance and in indoor spaces at all times⚠️

⍟ Security Check

    ● For safety reasons, security check is required at the entrance. Metal wands will be used for security checks. Those who bring prohibited items will not be allowed for entry

    ● Safety and ticket checks are required for entry. Suitcase of any kind or bags larger than size of 37x25x11.5cm are not allowed for entry. Any items against security regulations will not be allowed for entry.

    ● There are no lockers at the venue. Please store the suitcases and bags and all prohibited items in advance.

    ● Please do not bring any prohibited items to the venue. Once found, the audience will be escorted out of the venue and will not be allowed access to the concert again. There will be no ticket refund.

    ● Safety check is always required upon re-entry.

Site Map


    ● Parking lot is open with limited spaces.

⍟ Live Nation Info Counter

    ● Open Hours: 2:00 PM~Show Starts

    ● Location:Please refer to the Site Map for detailed location

Ticket Counter

    ● Open Hours: 2:00 PM~Show Starts

    ● Location:Please refer to the Site Map for detailed location

    ● For Lost Seat Tickets: Dial 02-8772-9835 or Contact Tixcraft at your earliest convenience. Please bring a police report, proof of purchase and your photo ID and go to the tixCraft ticket booth before 4:30 PM on show day to sign the certification document. Once the show starts and the seat is confirmed as not occupied, you will be able to enter. However, if anyone with the ticket shows up and he/she will be the priority, audiences who lose tickets need to re-purchase tickets for admission. We may report to the police station if there is a controversy.

    ● Disability Tickets Entry: Please bring the Disability identification for entry check. Only Disability identification holders with the ticket are allowed to enter. No refund is allowed. Disability accompanied ticket holders are not allowed to enter without a Disability identification owner and her/his ticket.



    ● Open Hours:12:00 PM~Show Ends (booth might close earlier when sold out)

    ● Location:Please refer to the Site Map for detailed location

    ● Purchase Rules

       1. Cash payment only. Please prepare spare change for convenience

       2. Please check the product at purchase. Once you leave the counter, any damaged or faulty product cannot be returned or exchanged.⁠

       3. According to relevant laws and regulations, No bags will be provided, please prepare your own bag

       4. Please see on-site information for all merchandise details.

Other Regulations

⛔ Prohibited items

       1. No suitcase of any kind or bags larger than size of 37x25x11.5cm are allowed for entry.

       2. No glass, weapons of any kind / lasers / laser pens / pointers / long umbrellas / monopods / selfie sticks, or any sharp objects.

       3. No glass / cans / tin cans.

       4. No lighters/ cigarette / candles / fireworks and any other type of pyrotechnics.

       5. No flammable materials such as alcohol / pressurized cologne and perfume /  pepper spray / kerosene / gasoline etc.

       6. No chairs of any kind.

       7. No signage or banner bigger than A4 size (Except banner distributed and approved by official) LED Banners / non-official lighting stick or any lighting cheering supplies / political banners / whistle.

       8. No video and audio recording equipment / cameras / telephoto lenses /  drones / tablets / GoPro.

       9. No pets and plants.

       10. No projectiles / missiles of any type.

    ● No Food or beverage (except bottled water) is allowed in the venue.

    ● Smoking is prohibited in this area according to the regulations.

    ● Banners, posters, or stands of any kind except for approved fan support events are not allowed to be installed inside or outside the venue. 

    ● Please notify on-site staff within 10 minutes after the show starts if you find any view blockage not stated in any official announcement. Once on-site staff confirms the view of the seat is blocked, on-site staff will change the seat for you subject to availability. It will be deemed to consent to the seat arrangement if there's no response.

    ● Do not stand on chairs during the show. There will be a compensation fee for any damages caused by inappropriate behaviors.

    ● No cameras, audio and video recording equipment or radio scanning/jamming equipment is allowed. Once any recording action is taken, the contents will be deleted by the staff. Those who violate the rules will be asked to leave the venue and restricted from entry.

    ● The arriving performers and the staff will be taking self-initiated preventions and following local directions accordingly.

⛔Please follow the event regulations. The organizer might restrict those who violate the regulations and reserve the right to pursue legal actions.⛔

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