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To ensure the best experience for the fans, please note that All personal bags are subject to search.

If any audience brings recording devices, LED boards, and height-increasing devices such as any kinds of stools and folding chairs...etc, which might distract other audience from enjoying the show, the promoter reserves the right to ask the audience who against the rules to leave the event.

No locker provided on site, please to seek other place for storage.

Live Nation is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


다른 관객에게 관람에 지장을 주는 행동은 삼가 해 주시기바라며 개인응원도구 및 스텐딩용 발판(혹은 간이의자)휴대를 금지합니다.

또한 사진/동영상 등 일체의 촬영 및 녹음 행위는 공연에 대한 저작권 및 아티스트나 전속사의 퍼블리시티권을 침해하는 불법 행위입니다.

공연장 내에서는 사진/동영상 등 일체의 촬영 및 녹음이 가능한 전자기기의 반입이 절대 불가합니다.

관객 입장 시, 가방 검사를 진행할 예정이며, 적발시 퇴장 조치됩니다.

본 공연에는 별도의 물품보관소를 운영하 지않습니다.최대한 간편한 복장으로 공연장을방문해주시기 바랍니다.





場内での撮影・録音機器(カメラ、撮影機能付き双眼鏡、レコーダー、ビデオ等録音機器を含む。) の持込み及び使用は厳禁とします。






  1. 配合菸害防制法,本活動場所全面禁菸

According to the regulations, smoking is prohibited in this area.

  1. 孕婦、七歲以下及未滿110公分的小孩禁止進入搖滾站區

For safety, pregnant women, children under 7 years old and under 110cm are not allowed to enter standing area

  1. 通過安檢後若需離開場館,請重新經過安檢後再入場。If you need to leave temporarily, security check is always needed for re-entry.
  2. 本活動禁止攜帶任何形式的行李箱,現場無寄物櫃亦不提供寄放服務,若有攜帶違反入場規定的物品與行李,請先自行安置再前往演唱會場地。最近的寄物地點為高鐵桃園站。不符合安檢規定的包包與物品,不管以何種形式一律不准入場

No Luggage of Any Kinds and Size. Any items against Security Standard will not be allowed for Entry. There will be no lockers in the venue, any Bags or items against Security regulations will not be allowed for Entry, please don't bring to the venue.

  1. 請勿攜帶違禁品(依主辦單位定義),若違反規定經查獲者,將不能入場或被請出場外不得再入場也不予退票

Please don't bring any prohibited items to the venue. Once these items are discovered by LNT, audience will be escorted and will not be allowed to re-enter the show again. There will be no ticket refund.

  1. 現場舞台視線若有不良(在公告的視線遮蔽區域外),必須在開演10分鐘內向現場工作人員提出。經工作人員判定如確認為視線不良座位者,將視情況調整座位,若無提出者,視同同意該座位安排。

Please notify on-site staff within 10 minutes after the show starts if you find any view blockage that is not stated in any official announcement. Once on-site staff confirms the view of the seat is blocked, on-site staff will change the seat for you subject to availability. It will be deemed to consent to the seat arrangement if there's no response.

  1. 其他相關訊息,請參考主辦單位Live Nation Taiwan臉書及網站公告

For other information, please refer to Live Nation Taiwan Facebook


禁止攜帶物品Prohibited Items

  1. 禁止攜帶任何形式及大小之行李箱,不符合安檢的物品,不管以何種形式一律不准入場。

No Luggage of Any Kind and Size. Any items or luggage against Security Standard will not be allowed for Entry

  1. 禁止攜帶違禁品與危險物品(依照主辦單位定義)

No Illegal Substances/Drugs/Dangerous Items (According to on site definition)

  1. 禁止攜帶玻璃製品(玻璃瓶裝飲料)、鋁罐、鋁箔包、罐裝食品等任何密封包裝飲料食品。

No Glass/ Cans/ Tin Cans

  1. 禁止攜帶雷射筆、長柄雨傘、腳架、自拍棒或任何尖銳物體

No Weapons of Any Kind/Lasers/Laser Pens/Pointers/Umbrella/Monopod/Selfie Sticks or any Sharp Objects.

  1. 禁止攜帶打火機、香菸、蠟燭、煙火或任何易燃物品

No Lighters/ Cigarette/ Candles/ Fireworks and any other type of Pyrotechnics.

  1. 禁止攜帶板凳、折疊椅等任何形式墊高的物品

No Chairs of any kind.

  1. 禁止攜帶超過A4面積的應援製作物(官方核准之應援手幅除外)、任何官方手燈以外的發亮應援物、氣球及含有政治性標語的旗幟、橫幅、哨子等物品。

No Signage or banner bigger than A4 size (Except banner distributed and approved by official) LED Banners/Non-official lighting stick or any lighting cheering supplies/ Political Banners/ Whistle.

  1. 禁止使用閃光燈

No Flash Photography/ Videography

  1. 禁止攜帶錄影、錄音機、相機及鏡頭、無人空拍機、平板及Go Pro相機

No Professional Video and Audio Recording Equipment/ Professional Photo Cameras/ Telephoto Lenses/ Drones/ Tablets/ Go Pro Cameras


No Flammable Materials such as Alcohol/ Pressurized Cologne and perfume/ Pepper Spray/ Kerosene/ Gasoline etc.

  1. 禁止攜帶鏈條、手指虎、金屬條、尖銳鉚釘皮帶等飾品與工具

No Chain/Brass Knuckles/ Wallet Chains/ Spiked Belts

  1. 禁止攜帶任何寵物、植物

No Pets and Plants

  1. 禁止攜帶任何蔬菜水果等生鮮食品

No Fruits/Vegetables

  1. 禁止攜帶任何可投擲、發射或具有噴射功能的物品

No Projectiles/ Missile of any type


活動現場嚴禁以下行為 Strictly Prohibited Action

  1. 直播行為 Any kinds of live streaming Behavior.
  2. 使用相機、攝影機或任何器材攝錄影、錄音等。如經查獲,將由工作人員留置器材保管並強制曝光底片或強制刪除記憶卡中所拍攝/錄製之內容,但損壞與遺失概不負責,並保留法律追訴權。屢勸不聽者將請出場不予退票。

No Professional cameras, Audio and Video recording equipment or radio scanning/jamming equipment. Once any recording actions are taken, we will have to delete the contents in your memory cards. For those who violate the rules, we will ask you to leave the venue and restrict you from entry.

  1. 場館內禁止飲食,飲用水除外。No Food or Beverage is allowed inside the venue. Only bottled water is allowed.
  2. 嚴禁向舞台上投擲任何物品。Do Not throw any items to the stage.
  3. 除申請許可的應援活動外,禁止在場館內外懸掛布條、張貼海報、擺放立牌。Any kinds banners, posters or standing signs except for approved support events are not allowed to hang inside or outside the venue.


屢勸不聽, 違反演唱會規範情節重大者,主辦單位保有將之帶離演唱會現場,並限制其再次入場之權力,並保留法律追訴權。請確實遵守入場規範。

Please follow the concert regulations, for those who violate the rules, we might restrict you from attending the concert and reserves the right to pursue legal actions.


場區示意圖Venue Map,大圖下載請點Download:https://goo.gl/5tzeFF



預計安檢整隊時間GA Area Queueing Time3PM-4PM

預計入場時間GA Area Entry Tim4PM

1.安檢驗票後將會戴上搖滾區識別紙手環,入場需持票與手環雙重認證方能入場,請進出場時都攜帶票券與手環讓查票人員驗票。After security and ticket check, you will be put on identified. Entry acquires both ticket and wristband verification. Always remember to bring both ticket and wristband for exit and re-entry.

2.抽中彩排的歌迷在看完彩排後現場將分流請回到各區整隊區重新驗票與上手環。After Sound Check Party, please follow the staff’s instruction to exit and go to your GA Entrance for queueing and Entry.

3.為保障粉絲權益,請於依照安檢時間到場安檢整隊,之後將依照票券上的入場序號排隊入場。(前面序號可以跟後面序號的朋友一起排隊,但後面序號不得往前與前面序號朋友一起排隊,請見諒。)To insure audience’s right, please follow the announced queuing time and queue as your serial number on the ticket.

4.若完成整隊叫號已超過票券上的序號,視同放棄入場順序權利,過號者請洽現場工作人員,排在該區隊伍最後入場。Please queue at the end of the queue when arriving after the queue time.


看台座位區入場 Seated Area

預計安檢入場時間Door Time4PM

📍 入場時間可能依現場情況調整。Door Time may be changed due to actual circumstances.


請注意 Notice:

1.為保障藝人與粉絲的全體安全,進入場館需先進行安檢動作,現場將以金屬探測器搜身與進行驗包動作,若有發現疑似有違禁品,請至一旁協助工作人員排除疑慮,若不願配合將無法入場。For safety reason, the security check will be needed upon entry. Metal detectors will be used for security check. Bringing any prohibited items may cause the rejection to your access.

2.若發現有攜帶違禁品,請自行安置後方能進入場內,場館沒有置物櫃,請勿試圖攜帶違禁品入場。There are no lockers in the venue.



Sound-Check Party(遺失票請恕無法使用)

報到時間Registration Time11AM – 1:30 PM

報到地點Location Live Nation服務台Service

📍 核實身份無誤後,我們將會提供您報到號碼牌及Sound Check Party辨識手環,直接由我們的工作人員為您綁在手上. 請勿破壞手環或自行解下. 如手環非完整狀態下有可能Sound Check Party將無法入場。請依號碼牌依序排隊入場。After verified as a winner, you will be provided with a serial number and Sound Check Party wristband. Damage of the wristband may cause the denial for entry. Please queue by your sound check party serial number.


預計整隊安檢時間 Sound-check Party Security check and queue Time: 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

預計進場時間 Sound-check Party Door Time: 2:15 PM – 2:40 PM

預計進行時間 Sound-check Party: 2:40PM – 3 PM

📍 需先經過安檢後進入排隊區域,請盡早進行安檢以免耽誤時間。Security check is required before entering the queuing area, please do security check ahead.


簽名海報(遺失票請恕無法使用) Signed Posters(Lost Tickets will not be admitted )

➡ 領取時間Collecting Time: 7:20 PM – 演唱會結束後半小時 30minutes after show.

➡ 領取地點: Live Nation服務台

   Collecting Spot: Live Nation Service Counter

📍 請當場確認無誤後再離開現場,恕離開後無法補發。Please verify your item on site. Re-issue will not be available once you leave the counter.



➡ 商品販售時間On-sale Time:12PM – 演唱會結束後半小時end of concert


 *若所有商品皆售完,將提早結束販售。Counter might close earlier if all products are sold out


📍週邊商品以現場為準。Please see the on-site information for all merchandise details.

📍現場僅收現金,且響應環保請自備購物袋。According to relevant laws and regulations, we will not provide bags for sold products

📍所有商品在結束後將清點送回韓國,務請現場檢查點清,如有瑕疵請當場換貨,如欲商品完售將以退款處理,感謝粉絲體諒。Please verify your purchased items and money on site. Refund or exchanging items will not be available once you leave the counter.




票務櫃檯開放時間Ticket Booth Open:11AM -6:30PM


遺失票券相關辦法Lost Tickets

搖滾區遺失票券者,經文化部來函解釋,搖滾區因無指定席位,又因票券屬無記名有價證券,故遺失可拒絕入場,但本公司基於保護消費者的優先考量,遺失票券若有先在開演二十四小時前進線向拓元客服登記立案 ,遺失票券者須在演出當日下午五點前攜帶報案三聯單,身份證明文件前往票務櫃臺簽切結書,待開演十分鐘後確認無人進場時,可讓遺失票券的消費者入場觀賞,倘若之後持票人出現,因以持票人優先,遺失票券的觀眾需另行購票入場(剩餘票券,依現場實際狀況為準),否則將觸及刑法第339條的詐欺不正取財之公訴罪。演出當日遺失票券者恕無法協助處理,請見諒。


For Lost Seat Tickets: Dial +886 (02) 8772-9835or EMAIL:tixcraft@tixcraft.com at your earliest convenience. Please bring police report, proof of purchase and you photo ID and go to the TIXCRAFT ticket booth before 5:00PM on show day to sign the certification document. Once show starts and the seat is confirmed as not occupied, you will be able to enter. However, if anyone with the ticket shows up and he/she will be the priority, audience who lose tickets would be charged for ticket fee. We may report to police station if there is controversy.



若經工作人員發現有違反規定情節重大者,主辦單位保有將之帶離演唱會現場,並限制其再次入場的權利,請確實遵守入場規範 。活動若因故延期或取消,主辦單位不負交通及住宿費之補償。相關規定以活動官網及現場公告為主,主辦單位保留加場、修改、終止及本活動相關演出內容之權力。相關規定以活動官網及現場公告為主,主辦單位保留加場、修改、終止及本活動相關演出內容之權力。Show cancels or postpones due to irresistible reasons, promoter will not be responsible for transportation and accommodation compensation. Please give priority to Regulations Announcement on Live Nation Taiwan website and on site. Live Nation reserves the rights to any amendments, changes or terminations of this event.