twenty øne piløts "My Blood"

Written by LN Team / September 14, 2018

twenty øne piløts have made a strong comeback with banger, after banger. Their latest release to date, My Blood has been described by Billboard as "a moody track [which] has thick funk underpinning, driven by a fat bass line, robotic drums and singer Tyler Joseph's disco-fied falsetto." The video for the track features Tyler in what appears to be his studio, laying down the bass-line of this epic track. 

The band recently performed a preview of ‘Trench’ with dramatic spectacle at their one-off pre-tour show in Brixton.

“This is our first show in over a year,” Joseph told the audience midway through the hour-long set. “I gotta get back in show shape! My legs are hurting, but I think I’m good. We haven’t played in London in almost two years now. It feels so good to be back here. We kind of view this city as a second home of ours.” Over the encouraging screams of the crowd, he added, “Thank you for letting us show you a few new songs we’ve never played before.”

Check out the live footage...

The backflips are back!

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