Supporting 20 Years of New Zealand Music Month with #NZMusicTShirtDay

Written by LN Team / May 21, 2020

Today, Live Nation Australasia is celebrating New Zealand music by getting behind #nzmusictshirtday.

This year’s T-shirt Day (Friday, May 29) is aligning with the 20th anniversary of NZ Music Month to help raise much-needed funds to provide emergency financial and wellbeing support to those working in the live event and music space. An industry whose ability to earn a living has been severely impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Not only has the cancellation of gigs, tours and festivals disrupted the income of artists but it has also affected the hard-working people behind the scenes who get the show on the road and onto the stage, providing Kiwis with the soundtrack to their lives.

We asked a few of the amazing Live Nation crew to share some of their highlights about working with New Zealand artists and what drives their passion for New Zealand music.

Annabelle Burke
Annabelle Burke wearing Lorde for #NZMusicTShirtDay

Name: Annabelle Burke

Tell us what you do: Event Manager/Promoter Rep

Who are some of the New Zealand artists you’ve worked with?

Shapeshifter, Concord Dawn, Sachi, Baynk, OTÔSAN, Kings, The Peacekeepers, Cymbol, PMoney, Sweet Mix Kids, Weird Together, Tiki Taane.

Why are you passionate about New Zealand Music?

I grew up in the heyday of NZ nightclubs, when K’Rd, the St James Theatre, Sinners and Coast were at their peak brimming with partygoers until the sun came up. The night I walked into my first festival I remember thinking how do I get this job? I just love it.
The sweaty rooms, the '9 pm doors have just opened but I don’t care I'm the only one dancing’ raver, the forest parties with no rules where Concord Dawn played "till they felt like it”. The energy, and the experience knowing you have brought so many people together in one space to share the feeling of wanting to burst out of their skin. Especially NZ's commitment to bass music - it is phenomenal and so unique to NZ. It continues to get better, our talent is reaching everyone and our passion for it rivals the rest of the world bringing bass artists from all over the world, here to us, just to experience it.


Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson wearing Ulcerate for #NZMusicTShirtDay

Name: Tom Anderson

Tell us what you do:

A couple of months ago I’d say I was a Production Manager and Promoter Rep, Tour Manager, Stage Manager, Site Manager, Backline Tech, Venue Owner, FOH, MONS & Studio engineer, and part-time musician. Currently, I’m The Dispatch Manager for Food Parcel Distribution out of Spark Arena.

Who are some of the New Zealand artists you’ve toured with?

The last tour I finished just a few days before lockdown was Aldous Harding's headline tour with Weyes Blood and Purple Pilgrims. Gin Wigmore, Drax Project, Ulcerate, Homebrew, Tiny Ruins, Nadia Reid, and Six60 are some of the other NZ acts I‘ve toured with.

Why are you passionate about New Zealand music?

I remember staying on in New York after finishing a US tour and watching a big local band, whose records I loved, and thinking, “I wish I was home watching my friend's bands." There’s something about being from a couple of tiny islands in the South Pacific that makes really interesting, passionate, original, hard art that regardless of genre comes across as first and foremost live music. Maybe it’s more difficult to hide behind production here because everyone knows each other and someone will pay you out, but I feel like great live acts rise to the top regardless of genre and I’m proud to work with so many of them.


Sarin Moddle
Sarin Moddle wearing The Upbeats for #NZMusicTShirtDay

Name: Sarin Moddle

Tell us what you do:

Promoter rep, backstage manager, artist liaison, tour manager, stage manager, production coordinator, site coordinator.

Who are some of the New Zealand artists you’ve worked with?

Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Salmonella Dub, The Upbeats, and pretty much every NZ act that’s taken to a festival stage over the last 10 years.

Why are you passionate about New Zealand music?

The same reason I’m passionate about all music: it’s the most compelling kind of cultural artefact. It’s a window into lived experience, a way for us to see ourselves more clearly and understand the world around us in more complexity. That in itself speaks to why a diversity of voices in music is important and why we should always seek to create space for our own.


Owen Drew
Owen Drew wearing The Datsuns for #NZMusicTShirtDay

Name: Owen Drew

Tell us what you do:

Show Rep / Stage Manager / Production Assistant

Who are some of the New Zealand artists you’ve toured with?

The Datsuns (UK/Europe/NZ) and a bunch of one-off shows in NZ wIth the likes of The Mutton Birds, The Dudes, Daffodils.

Why are you passionate about New Zealand music?

With NZ now being my adopted home, I’ve discovered a wealth of great new bands (to me) and I’m proud to be a part of the industry here.


If you'd like to get involved in NZ Music T-Shirt Day, you can click here to get your own Tee from your favourite artists.

If you'd like to support the NZ Music Community, head over to the MusicHelps Live website to see how you can help out. 


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