P!NK is back!

Written by LN Team / August 13, 2018

After a struggle with ill health lately, Pink hit the stage on Saturday night to give an incredibly awe-inspiring performance to many happy fans. “I hope I didn’t screw up anyone’s week … Sorry if I did,” the singer told almost 20,000 screaming fans.

Pink has received much deserved praise from the Australian media for the way she took to the stage with professionalism and energy despite her harrowing week. said, "The rest and respite has done Pink the world of good. And after sipping Hydralyte and nibbling on dry toast all week, she exploded onto the stage on Saturday night ready to remind everyone she’s worth the wait."

The Sydney Morning Herald responded to her comment warning her fans not to worry because she wasn't "contagious" by saying, "She might not have been infectious, but the entertainment certainly was." went further to commend Pink for being a heroic and inspirational mum that we could all learn from. "Pink is hardly living a suburban life like most of us. But she’s still a mum. She still wants to spend time with her kids. She still wants to work. She still gets sick... Mums never stop. But not Pink. She stopped and I envy her for it."

P!NK I am lost for words

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Pink's show was, as always, a spectacle full of drama, excitement, acrobatic moves and killer vocals. She also shared the beautiful story about the powerful lesson she taught her daughter, Willow.

She also got to catch up with some of her Aussie friends...

Including Katy Perry

@katyperry stopped by to hang out with @pink and Willow ✨

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