Celebrate 20 Years of NZ Music Month With Us!

Written by LN Team / May 01, 2020

Every year, the month of May is taken over by all things New Zealand music. For the last 20 years, NZ Music Month has celebrated the best of the best of homegrown Kiwi music. 

"Put simply, the purpose of NZ Music Month is to celebrate music from New Zealand, and the people who make it. Firmly entrenched as part of our cultural landscape, the month of May has gone from a period of encouraging radio to play more local tunes, to a 31-day celebration of homegrown talent across the length and breadth of the country."

To help celebrate this year, we have put together a killer playlist of all the New Zealand music that we are listening to this month.



To find out more about NZ Music Month, click through to their website and check out all the upcoming streams they have in store for the month. You can also support NZ music and the NZ music industry by donating to

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