5SOS: Our fave songs from Youngblood

Written by LN Team / June 21, 2018

Now that 5SOS’ new album ‘Youngblood’ is officially out in the world - and killing it! - we thought we’d put together some of the best songs from the album for you.

Rolling Stone love ‘Valentine’ the most, saying, “The standout is "Valentine," co-written pop savant Justin Tranter. A bit of goth-y post-punk delivery on a chorus where they sing about "chocolate éclairs" is a deliciously weird treat.”

They go on to talk about ‘Woke Up In Japan’, “The post-party hangover tune "Woke Up in Japan" deliverer a more effective version of the same debauched remorse, hitting a lackadaisical groove and honing in on the simplicity an effective pop track thrives on.”

Meanwhile, Australian site The Music think otherwise: “Youngblood closes with what is probably the best song of the band's career: Ghost Of You. And the rest of the record puts up a solid fight for that title.”

But there’s no denying the ultimate banger that the title track ‘Youngblood’ is, right?

If you wanna see all these new songs live, make sure you grab tickets to 5SOS’ August tour below!

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