Roadhouse - Ready for Anything with Jess Glynne

Written by LNTV Staff / June 07, 2016

In this episode of Roadhouse, we tag along with Glynne and her band as she rehearses for her Boston gig and discusses her rise to fame. "I'm obsessed with music, I always have been," the London native says. "I'm obsessed with voices, obsessed with singing. When I was 19, I just was like this is what I want to do." It was only after signing to Atlantic Records in 2013 that Glynne began interacting with the business side of the recording process. "There are misconceptions when you're not in it. You think you sing, you make an album, that's it. But, actually doing it, the promos, the touring, everything that comes with it. It's nonstop."

Glynne credits her bandmates for keeping her grounded in the wake of her successes. "I've achieved such amazing goals in the past two and a half years and that's because of the people around me and the people who look after me."

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