Written by Layla Halabian / Photography by Pooneh Ghana / June 14, 2016

Droves of music lovers returned the Manchester, Tennessee this past weekend for Bonnaroo's 15th anniversary year. Even though the event wrapped a mere 24 hours ago, festival organizers are already planning for the future, and hoping to create more events by 2020. "Our grand vision for Great Stage Park is not yet complete, and there is still plenty of work to do to the site in order to create the kind of infrastructure overhaul to allow for a diversity of events to take place on the site," said AC Entertainment's vice president for community relations, Jeff Cuellar. "Bonnaroo is just one of a series of annual events that we'd like to host at Great Stage Park."

The dates for next year's festival have been locked in for June 8–11, 2017, and under Bonnaroo's current agreement with the city of Manchester, the city receives $30,000 each year in addition to $3 on each ticket sold. AC Entertainment along with Live Nation are working with city officials to amend the current dealwhich expires after the 2017 eventaiming to re-allocate a portion of the money for upgrades involving water work, sewer work, and paving to improve the overall experience of festival attendees.

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