Interview: BABYTEETH Ahead Of Their First Ever London Headline Gig!

Written by Matilda Buckingham / March 18, 2019

BABYTEETH are a five piece alt-rock group from London made up of Camilla, Eilidh, Rio, Samantha and Sam. They exploded onto the scene with their debut track 'Siamese Twin' in August 2017 and haven't slowed down since. Since dropping their debut single the band have treated fans to even more awesome music and have played live shows supporting Adam Ant, The Pearl Harts and The Naked & Famous as well as playing Kendall Calling. Ahead of their first EVER London headline show next month, we caught up with them to chat about playing live, making music and more 👇

For those that may not have heard you, how do you describe your music to people? 

We sound like your favourite milkshake, or Nirvana with vaginas.

In December you released your track ‘Cocoon’ – what’s the story behind the track?  

Cocoon is about how we're sometimes addicted to making bad choices because they're more exciting. It's also about how powerful it can be to decide to feel gratitude for all the s*** experiences, as they've turned you into a stronger version of yourself. It's about personal rebirth, and remaking.

What’s the process of making a BABYTEETH track like? Do the lyrics or the music come first?

Often the chords and melodies come first and inspire the lyrics. Sometimes it’s random mumbling over chords whilst playing the guitar that eventually sneak out and become lyrics. We spend days on end perfecting each tiny part of the song. We’re massive geeks when it comes to writing and production too.

You’re playing your first ever London headline show next month! What can fans expect from your live show?!

A massive party and our greatest hits. We want everyone to come go nuts with us and let us sweat on them.

Which is your favourite track to play live?

Lies or Cut It. Cut It is gonna be our next single.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Summoning demons, and drinking tea.

What can we expect next from you guys?

A load of new music and exciting live shows. Come see us, we’ll be your new best friends.

You can catch BABYTEETH at The Black Heart in London on Thursday 4th April! Grab your tickets below 🔥

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