Happy World Fringe Day!

Written by Matilda Buckingham / Photo Credit: @WorldFringeDay / July 02, 2018


To celebrate World Fringe Day, we thought we'd share five things you probably didn't know about Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Ready?

1. This year 56,796 performances of 3548 shows will take place across 317 venues, meaning there are literally THOUSANDS of reasons to head to Scotland's capital!

2. Some of the biggest names on the global comedy circuit started at Ed Fringe! Stephen Fry made his Fringe debut back in 1981 alongside Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie, Little Britain stars Matt Lucas & David Walliams first collaborated in the Sir Bernard Chumley shows from 1995 to 1997 and Miranda Hart performed at Ed Fringe in 2001 where she showcased 'You Say Potato', a prototype for everyone's fave character Miranda!

3. Edinburgh Fringe isn't all about comedy! There's also shows featuring dance, circus, cabaret, opera, spoken word, music and more.

4. The festival started back in 1947 when 8 groups of performers were denied entry to the Edinburgh International Festival. They went ahead and performed on the fringe of the festival and Edinburgh Fringe was born!

5. Over 200 Fringe Festivals take place around the world including Australia, France, Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Prague!

We've got 22 fabulous acts heading up to Edinburgh with us next month so we've put together this handy article where you can get to know them all! Tickets can also be purchased using the links below 👇

Katherine Ryan - Glitter Room | FIND TICKETS
Grainne Maguire - I Forgive You; Please Like Me | FIND TICKETS
John Lynn - Addiction Diction | FIND TICKETS
Lazy Susan - Forgive Me, Mother! || FIND TICKETS
Alistair Williams - Great White Male | FIND TICKETS
Jacqueline Novak - How Embarassing For Her | FIND TICKETS
Scott Bennett - Leap Year | FIND TICKETS
Brennan Reece - Evermore | FIND TICKETS
Brett Goldstein - What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me | FIND TICKETS
Ben Hanlin - 50 | FIND TICKETS
Daliso - What The African Said | FIND TICKETS
Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Victim, Complex | FIND TICKETS
Mark Nelson - Irreverance | FIND TICKETS
Jess Robinson - No Filter | FIND TICKETS
Christian Finnegan - My Goodness | FIND TICKETS
Janeane Garofalo - Put A Pin In That | FIND TICKETS
Rachel Fairburn - The Wolf At The Door | FIND TICKETS
George Rigden - George-ous | FIND TICKETS
Chris Turner - We're Where We Were | FIND TICKETS
Famous First Words | FIND TICKETS
Rachel Parris' Musical Comedy Club | FIND TICKETS
All Killa No Filla Live | FIND TICKETS

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