Freshers! The LN Guide To Some Of The Hottest Shows Near You Is Here!

Written by Megan Snell / September 14, 2018

Ahh, September. The weather's turning colder, the leaves are turning brown, and thousands of soon-to-be-students are turning to their parents for one last "Can I borrow some money?" before they jet off into the big bad world. It can only be Freshers' Week, eh?

With so many incredible shows coming up over the next semester and beyond, we've put some of the UK's biggest student towns under the spotlight, so if you're new to an unfamiliar city, we'll help you discover some amazing live shows to ease you into the uni experience.

SO! Whether it's Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol or Cardiff you find yourself residing in for the next three years, cast your eyes on our shiny freshers' guides below!

The Freshers' Guide To London

The Freshers' Guide To Manchester

The Freshers' Guide To Birmingham

The Freshers' Guide To Bristol & Cardiff

Oh, and good luck with your new beginnings! You'll do great. 

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