Four Reasons Why Home Free Are Unlike Any Band You’ve Seen Before!

Written by Jen Degnan / February 03, 2020

Home Free are back in the UK in March, bringing the Dive Bar Saints World Tour across the pond! Their dedicated fanbase, lovingly known as ‘home fries’, will be buzzing for the band’s return but if you haven’t heard of Home Free, get to know the country quintet ahead of their tour👇

They don’t use instruments!

According to Home Country, they are the only real a cappella group currently in country music, championing what they believe to be the core of country – the human voice. Their talent and complex arrangements often lead to an audio illusion, baffling listeners as to how their unique sound can be created without the help of instruments. That’s one of the reasons why their live shows must be seen to be believed! 

They found fame after winning an a cappella competition

After ten years on the road, Home Free hit the big time after bagging the top prize on NBC’s a cappella competition, ‘The Sing-Off’. The judges and audience fell for the band’s rearrangements of country songs, leading to the group winning a contract with a major label. Since then, Home Free have decided to take full control over their recording, releasing latest album Dive Bar Saints on their own label, Home Free Records.

They’ve racked up more than 306m views on YouTube

In addition to four studio albums, Home Free have produced close to 100 music videos, racking up huge views on the video platform. They’ve filmed a lot of country covers as well as venturing outside the box to try different genres because, according to them, “…you never know which music video is going to be the one that turns an ear onto Home Free.”

 Diana Ross asked the group to perform at her 75th birthday

…and that’s exactly how Diana Ross became a fan! The superstar discovered Home Free’s cover of her hit ‘Love Train’ on YouTube and fell for their fresh sound, inviting them to perform at her birthday bash. If the seal of approval from Diana Ross has got you in the mood for some country a cappella, make sure you catch Home Free on their UK tour during 17-20 March 🙏

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