Five Legendary Songs Produced By Giorgio Moroder

Written by Jen Degnan / January 16, 2019

The musical genius behind many of your favourite hits is embarking on his first ever live tour this April, with four UK dates in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester. About time too – Giorgio Moroder, who is now 78, has long been credited as pioneering the Italo disco genre, nicknamed ‘the father of disco’.

With Giorgio’s position behind the decks, you might not be aware of just how many incredible tracks he has produced, working with some truly legendary artists. We share some of our favourites below to get you excited for his upcoming tour!

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

With its unmistakable intro, this trailblazer still draws crowds to the dance floor in the same way it did when released in 1977. Considered a landmark moment in disco history, the global hit topped UK charts for over a month and transcended the boundaries between disco and other genres. With a futuristic sound well ahead of its time, ‘I Feel Love’ set the tone for clubbing culture and was a pinnacle point of Donna and Giorgio’s longstanding collaboration. Other mega hits from the duo include Hot Stuff, Bad Girls and Love to Love You Baby.

Blondie – Call Me

Another iconic classic, ‘Call Me’ could have turned out very differently! Giorgio initially created the music as the main theme for the 1980 film ‘American Gigolo’. He approached Stevie Nicks to write the lyrics and perform the track. For contractual reasons, Stevie was unable to do so, leading Moroder to ask Blondie instead. Debbie Harry produced the lyrics in no time at all, written from the point of view of the film’s main character and everlasting musical magic was made!

David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Written by Giorgio and our favourite Brixton boy, this is another film title song, produced for 1982 horror remake ‘Cat People’. Similarly to ‘Call Me’, Giorgio created most of the music first, then Bowie came in to craft the lyrics. Bowie’s baritone performance reflects the dark theme of the film. The song, which was re-recorded and released on Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ album, became the Starman’s biggest US hit since ‘Golden Years’.

Berlin – Take My Breath Away

Another movie magic moment, ‘Take My Breath Away’ was one of Giorgio’s proudest achievements and signifies his huge demand throughout the 80s as a film composer. The second song released in 1986 from the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack, topped charts around the world. Co-written with lyricist Tom Whitlock and performed by Berlin, the hit won both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder – Together in Electric Dreams

This 1984 classic fuses the talents of two synth masters – Italo disco don Giorgio and lead singer of The Human League, Philip Oakey. This was likely a dream come true for Philip with Giorgio being his musical idol at the time! Exceeding the success of Electric Dreams (the film that the song was originally created for) the track featured on a joint album from the two artists before being released as a single in 1985. According to Philip, the song was recorded in literally ten minutes. Despite this quick turnaround, ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ garnered global acclaim, hitting number 3 in the UK charts.

BONUS TRACK! Giorgio Moroder – Chase

Aside from his unforgettable collaborations, we must not forget Giorgio’s extensive solo catalogue. He pioneered the use of synthesisers in popular music from as early as the 1960s, influencing a huge number of artists ever since. Some of his most popular solo work includes Knights in White Satin, a ‘synthfluenced’ cover of the Moody Blues hit, cult classic E=MC2 and the innovative Chase. Adding to Giorgio’s long list of OST triumphs, Chase started life as the lead song from his Academy Award winning album for Midnight Express. It was then extended and released as a single in 1978.

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