5 gig backgrounds to spruce up your Zoom call!

Written by Jen Degnan / April 24, 2020

Whether it's been a fitness sesh, post-work drinks or a quiz (we're all now pretty much experts on the names of each of Henry VIII's wives, which countries contain the letter 'x' and how many hearts an Octopus has), you've likely been on a few Zoom calls over the last month or so. You might also have spotted fellow video callers switching up their usual home office background for something a little more unusual. If you're wondering how you can do the same, we're here to help! 

Check out our list of gig and music-based backgrounds to add some star quality to your Zoom calls! Scroll down for instructions on how to set these up.


Walk through the stage door and get ready to rock with this background 🤘


Show your support for the crews that make the shows come to life with the #CrewNation background 🙏We're helping workers who need it the most with the #CrewNation Fund. We are committed to donating $10 million: $5M upfront, and we’ll match the next $5M. You can support the cause by donating or buying merch:


You don't need an Access All Areas pass to use this backstage background 🎸


Let the creative vibes flow with this studio set-up... 🎤


...Or choose to be on the other side of the glass, manning the sound desk 🎵

How to set up your Zoom background:

1. Right click your favourite background and select 'save image as', then save to your computer.

2. In Zoom, on the video chat screen, click the arrow beside 'Start Video'.

3. From the menu select 'Choose a virtual background'.

4. Click the + icon, upload your background, close the menu and you're all set!

TIP: If you choose a background with writing and the text appears backwards, you need to switch off Mirror View. To do so, click the arrow beside 'Start Video', choose Video Settings in the menu and on the Video tab uncheck 'Mirror my video'.

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