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Written by Live Nation Taiwan / March 02, 2023


⏰Date:2023/3/5 (SUN)

⏰Time:7:00 PM(Actual performance time based on on-site situation)

📍Venue:Taipei Arena

Show Info

[There will be a SECURITY CHECK process before entering the venue. To expedite your entry process, please travel light and arrive at venue at your earliest convenience and read the Entry Notice and Prohibited Items list carefully]

Est Door Time:5:00 PM

Opening Guest JESSIA Est Start Time: 7PM

Set Change Est Time: 7:45PM

OneRepublic Show Est Start Time: 8PM

● GA/Standing Area:There will be 2 QUEUE AREAS

  📍Queue area A: In front of North Entrance

  📍Queue area B: North plaza, close to Mr.Brown Coffee Store

  The 2 Queue areas will start the entering process at the same time, and the Standing section will be temporarily divided into 2 sections when doors. The temp material will be removed prior to the show.

Public Health Measures

⚠️Please wear mask according to your own needs⚠️

Security Check

    ● Bags bigger than regulated size(37x25x11.5 cm) are not allowed for entry.

    ● Thermos, tumbler bottles, Hard Plastic bottles are not allowed

    ● Safety check is required upon entry. No suitcase is allowed. Any items against security regulations will not be allowed for entry.

    ● Safety check is always required upon re-entry.

 Site Map

 Live Nation Info Counter

    ● Open Hours: 3:00PM~Show Start

    ● Location:Beside Taipei Arena Gate 6

 Ticket Counter

    ● Open Hours: 4:00 PM~Show Start

    ● Location:Beside Taipei Arena Gate 6

    ● For Lost Seat Tickets: Dial 02-8772-9835 or Contact us at your earliest convenience. Please bring police report, proof of purchase and your photo ID and go to the tixCraft ticket booth before 7:00PM on show day to sign the certification document. Once show starts and the seat is confirmed as not occupied, you will be able to enter. However, if anyone with the ticket shows up and he/she will be the priority, audience who lose tickets need to re-purchase ticket for admission. We may report to police station if there is controversy.

    ● Disability Tickets Entry: Please bring the Disability identification for entry check. Only Disability identification holders with the ticket are allowed to enter. No refund is allowed. Disability accompanied ticket holders are not allowed to enter without a Disability identification owner and her/his ticket.



    ● Open Hours:12:00 PM

    ● Location:Near Taipei Arena Gate 6 (if any remainings aftershow, merchandise will be sold in FamilyMart on 1st Floor, please refer to the site map)

    ● Purchase Rules

       1. Cash payment only. Please prepare spare change for convenience

       2. Please check the product at purchase. Once you leave the counter, any damaged or faulty product cannot be returned or exchanged.⁠

       3. No plastic bag will be provided

Other Regulations

Prohibited items

       1. Suitcases and bags over regulated size(37x25x11.5 cm)

       2. Please read below PROHIBITED ITEMS CAREFULLY


    ● No food and beverage(except water)

    ● Please do not stand on seats. Those who cause damage on venue property should be responsible for compensation. 

    ● No photo, recordings (except phones) and live streaming in any form is allowed during the performance. Once any recording action is taken, the contents will be deleted by the staff. Those who violate the rules will be asked to leave the venue and restricted from entry.

    ● The arriving performers and the staff will be taking self-initiated preventions and following local directions accordingly.

⛔Please follow the event regulations. The organizer might restrict those who violate the regulations and reserve the right to pursue legal actions.⛔

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