Roadhouse: A Day In The Life Of Gogol Bordello

Written by LNTV Staff / June 15, 2016

Eugene Hütz lounges on his bed, eccentrically dressed in what looks like a silk kimono embellished with red, yellow and green marijuana leaves. He's talking about the concept of home, and as a musician who spends the majority of his time touring, the conversation leans toward the abstract rather than a physical local. "The's not so big." he explains. "New York, for me, is my laboratory and Brazil is the garden. Back in Ukraine is the basement with all the old photos. So what is home?" he asks. "The planet is home, it's just which part of the home."

Born in Boyarka, Ukraine, Hütz grew up surrounded by family. Along with his mother and father, Hütz's grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin also lived in the family's small apartment. And after living in such a busy household, the next logical step was to transfer that energy to his music. After moving to New York City, Hütz's band grew its members one by one, becoming the Gogol Bordello of today. "It's like I didn't stop accumulating [people] until it reached that mark," Hütz tells us. "There's some comfort thing in the subconscious that says 'eight people is the bubble, eight people is the home.'"

In this episode of Roadhouse, we get a behind the scenes look at the gypsy punk band's life on tour. Hütz and his bandmates are deeply informed by their experiences as immigrants and the Gogol Bordello tour bus is an amalgamation of each individual's background. "You walk onto a bus of other bands, you see guys watching TV, playing video games...but you walk onto the bus of Gogol Bordello and there's one dude blasting reggae and this guy's eating smoked fish and drinking vodka and playing Russian jail songs," says guitarist Boris Pelekh. "There's so much going on."

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