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Special Conditions for the Ozzy Osbourne Dressing Room Upgrade Package!

Written by Live Nation VIP Poland / March 09, 2018

Special Conditions for the Ozzy Osbourne Dressing Room Package!

Will I be able to get anything signed by Ozzy Osbourne?

Due to time restrictions the Dressing Room Upgrade does not include an autograph opportunity.

Will there be a photo opportunity to have my picture taken with Ozzy Osbourne?

Yes, a professional camera will be used to take your picture with Ozzy Osbourne. We will make your photograph/s available on, and will send you an access code by email as part of the pre-event arrival instructions. Your photograph/s will be available for 60 days after which they may be deleted from Your photograph/s will be visible to the other attendees of the Dressing Room upgrade that you attended. If you do not want your photograph/s uploaded to please let us know at registration before the event.

Will I be able to take pictures during the Dressing Room upgrade? Will video cameras or recording equipment be allowed?

Under no circumstances will video cameras or recording equipment be allowed into the Dressing Room.

When will the Dressing Room upgrade take place?

The Dressing Room upgrade will take place at the show/festival. Exact timings and location will be sent to you by email prior to the event and are subject to change.

When will I receive my Collectible Ozzy Osbourne 2018 VIP Gift Item, Official Laminate, Backstage wristband and Commemorative Ozzy Osbourne 2018 Concert Ticket?

Our Event Host will present your gift, laminate and commemorative concert ticket to you upon arrival at the Dressing Room upgrade registration.

Is there a customer service agent I can contact if I have any questions about my purchase?

You can contact VIP Nation on

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