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Written by LIVE NATION CEE KFT. / September 07, 2022



Effective date – Budapest, September 7, 2022

SPECIAL CONTRACTUAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the RAMMSTEIN concerts, the purchase and use of concert tickets and participation in the Event to be held at the PUSKAS ARENA in Budapest.
The Event Organiser will consider entry to the Event area as a declaration of acceptance of the following rules for attending the Event.
The Event Promoter has published a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ/FAQ) for the RAMMSTEIN concert. For questions not covered by these FAQ, the provisions of the FAQ shall prevail. In the event of divergent provisions, the provisions of these FAQs shall apply.


The present document contains the specific terms and conditions for the use of the Tickets purchased at the RAMMSTEIN concert to be held by Live Nation Central and Eastern Europe Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered office: 1142 Budapest, Ilka utca 2-4, Cg: 01-09-730879, Asz: 13352297-2-42), (hereinafter referred to as LIVE NATION) on 11 and 12 July 2023 at PUSKÁS ARENA, as well as special provisions related to the purchase of Tickets. The latter are designed to ensure that all fans of the RAMMSTEIN concert have the opportunity to purchase a fair and not excessively priced Ticket.



The term Event includes, but is not limited to, musical concerts, dance or theatre performances, sporting events, festivals, exhibitions, fairs and any other public performances related to the above, where admission by the public is subject to the purchase of a Ticket. For the purposes of this document, this term refers to the RAMMSTEIN concert to be held at the PUSKÁS ARENA.


A civil contract between the Event Organizer and the Customer, in paper or electronic format, with unique identifiers, for the attendance of the Event, in which the Event Organizer undertakes to conduct the Event named on the Ticket. The Customer (or Ticket Holder) confirms his/her right to attend the Event through the Ticket. For the purposes of this document, this term refers to the RAMMSTEIN concert at the PUSKÁS ARENA.


A special electronically issued "Print At Home" Ticket, which allows the Ticket to be stored and transmitted on digital devices, printed on paper by the Customer or the Owner as required, and verified at the Event venue using digital devices.


The person who actually purchases the Ticket (E-Ticket), regardless of the name of the person to whom the financial receipt or invoice generated by the purchase was issued. For the purposes of this provision, the term "Buyer" shall be understood to include the Owner and the Visitor, if the provision is to be understood exclusively in the case of the latter two persons or is also to be applied to them. This provision shall also apply to the legal person Buyer, except for those provisions which, by their nature, can only apply to a natural person.


The legal entity that has entered into a contract with the Event Organiser for the sale of Tickets for the Event is the official distributor of Tickets for the Event via the webshop. For the purposes of this document, the Vendor shall be Ticketpro Hungary Hálózatüzemeltetési és Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, (1103 Budapest, Kazah utca 8.; Company registration no.: 01-09-948730) and TEX HUNGARY Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, (1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 31.; Company registration no.: 01-09-877903).


Service operated on an Internet platform on which the Vendor sells the Tickets provided by the Event Organiser. For the purposes of this document, the terms and shall be understood as the Webshop.

Ticket holder or Holder

A natural person who actually holds the Ticket entitling him/her to participate in the Event.


A natural person attending or intending to attend the Event with a Ticket.

Purchasing transaction

The process initiated by the Customer, in accordance with the Customer's will, in the Vendor's Web Store for the purchase of specific Tickets, in which the exact nature of the Tickets to be purchased (Event, price category, ticket price, discount), the chosen payment and ticketing method, as well as the data relating to the Customer and the actual Visitor, the value of the Ticket paid and other fees applied are clearly recorded.

Event organiser

The party solely responsible for the Event as the service for which the Ticket is used and the full holder of the Participation Fee from the sale of Tickets. For the purposes of this document, the Event Organiser is LIVE NATION CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE KFT.


The process of providing the actual future user of the Ticket purchased for the Event, i.e. the Visitor, with his/her first and last name (collectively, the Name) in the Purchase Transaction process.

Personalised ticket

A Ticket with the name of the Visitor (Ticket Holder) in the Purchase Transaction process.


Az a folyamat, mely alatt megvalósul a Megszemélyesített Belépőjegyen megjelenített Név cseréje, egy másik Névre annak érdekében, hogy a Belépőjegyen a jegy tényleges jövőbeli Látogatójának a neve jelenjen meg.

Re-personalised ticket

A personalised Ticket with the name of the Visitor (Ticket Holder) registered during the Transfer.


The full name including the surname and given name(s) or the name(s) and surname(s) of birth, if the latter is indicated on the Visitor's (Ticket Holder's, Customer's) ID card presented at the time of Admission. The names on the identity card and on the ticket are not considered to be different if they contain an obvious misspelling (e.g. a change of letters); if the name is known in more than one way (e.g. with both ts and cs), a shorter name that does not confuse identification (e.g. Zsófi instead of Zsófia), if the authority of the place of issue of the foreign document does not use short and long vowels or if the difference between the names is only in the length of the vowel (Szabó versus Szabo) or in the otherwise usual spelling of the name other than the Latin alphabet (e.g. Orsen versus Ørsen, or Strauss versus Strauß). In the case of a certificate issued in non-Latin alphabet letters, it is the responsibility of the holder to provide appropriate proof of the identity of the name on the certificate and the name on the ticket.


Any official and valid photo identification document, including valid temporary identity cards, issued by any authority (foreign or Hungarian).


a) Tickets for the Event may only be purchased through the Webshop operated by the Vendor(s). Any other retailer, ticket reseller or Internet store is not an official ticket reseller and tickets purchased through such purchases do not entitle the holder to entry to the Event.

b) Pursuant to this provision of the Event Organizer, the Vendor(s) shall allow the Customer to personalize the Tickets purchased by the Customer during the Purchase Transaction, because the personalization is a prerequisite for the entry to the Event and thus for the completion of the Purchase Transaction. The purpose of impersonation, together with the ticket purchase limitation described in point 1/g, is to prevent unfair resale of tickets at excessive prices and to promote the sale of tickets at official prices to the widest possible range of Buyers.

c) In the course of the Purchase Transaction, the Customer shall take special care to ensure that, when personalising the Tickets purchased by him/her or for others, the actual Visitor(s) shall provide the exact name of the actual Visitor(s) as indicated on any identification document. If the names on the ticket and the ID do not match, the Event Organiser may refuse entry. The Event Organiser and its subcontractors (clause 5/h) exclude any responsibility to check, verify or revise the authenticity or accuracy of the name on the ID and exclude any possibility of resolving or waiving the discrepancy, except in the cases provided for in these Rules, on grounds of fairness or for any other reason.

d) If the Customer has not purchased a Ticket exclusively for his/her own use, he/she shall inform the actual Visitor (Ticket Holder) of the general and specific conditions of use of the Tickets purchased by him/her for other Visitors. Neither the Vendor(s) nor the Event Organiser shall be held liable for any consequences arising from the absence or inaccuracy of such information, and neither the Event Organiser nor its subcontractors (clause 5/e) shall be liable for any compensation or indemnification for exclusion from the Event for such reasons.

e) The data provided during the Personalisation process is not verified or modified by the Vendor(s), and the handling and accurate provision of such data is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Neither the Vendor(s) nor the Event Organiser shall be held liable for the consequences of inaccurate data.

f) The data provided during the Purchase Transaction and during the Personalization will be treated by the Vendor(s) in the same way as other data processed and will not be disclosed to the Event Organizer or any third party.

g) Up to 4 Admission Tickets may be purchased by one Customer, even if purchased in multiple transactions.

h) If the same Customer, by registering and using multiple user profiles, bypasses the ticket purchase limit set out in section 1/g, his/her Ticket purchase(s) in excess of the limit may be cancelled, in which case subsequent transactions will be cancelled and these tickets will be invalidated. In cancelled transactions, the Ticket Buyer will not be entitled to a refund of any fees or costs other than the Participation Fee paid.

i) The Vendor(s) Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect, however, in the event that any provision of these Specific Conditions differs from any other provision, these Specific Conditions shall prevail in relation to that provision. For the purposes of the Vendor's General Terms and Conditions, these Special Conditions shall be deemed to be a notice published by the Event Organiser.


a) Tickets purchased and personalised by the Customer can be re-personalised under certain conditions.

b) Re-personalisation is a process that can only be initiated by the original Ticket Buyer and is carried out by the Vendor issuing the Ticket.

c) The period of re-personalisation is limited and is subject to the payment of a fee. The exact procedure of the Re-personalisation and its detailed conditions will be published on the website of the Vendor(s) no later than 1 March 2023.


a) The resale for commercial purposes of Tickets purchased and Personalised Tickets purchased for an Event and the sale of Tickets for private use at an overpriced price is prohibited. The Ticket Holder (Visitor) may not visit or enter the Event with a Ticket obtained by resale, in which case the Ticket Holder (Visitor) may not make any claim against the Event Organiser or its subcontractors (point 5/e), neither in respect of the price of the Ticket nor in respect of the service itself.

b) An Admission Ticket entitles a single entry to an Event for a given Ticket Holder.

c) The Ticket Holder is entitled to enter the Event only with a Personalised or Re-personalised Ticket in his/her own name.

d) Event Organiser shall be entitled to verify at the Event venue, as part of the eligibility and security screening process for the Event, that the name on the Personalised or Re-personalised Ticket to be used by the Ticket Holder matches the name on any identification card of the actual Ticket Holder.

e) The event organiser is entitled to use subcontractors to carry out the eligibility and security checks referred to in point 5/d.

f) The Ticket Holder shall, upon entry, allow the staff verifying the right of entry to verify that the name on the personalised or re-personalised Ticket is the same as the name of the Ticket Holder, by presenting an identification document.

g) In the event that the two names do not match during the eligibility check under 5/d, the Ticket shall not be considered a valid Ticket, the Ticket Holder shall not be allowed to enter the event with such Ticket or may be required to re-personalize the Ticket prior to entry to the event, failing which the Ticket Holder may be denied entry.

h) The Event is not open to children under the age of 6. Children aged 6-14 must hold a valid, full-price ticket and be accompanied by an adult. In the case of children, the possession, validity and correctness of the ID and the requirement that the names must match are subject to the same conditions as for adults.

i) Visitors are subject to the rules of the current House Rules of the Event venue, i.e. the Puskás Arena, during the Event. The current version of the House Rules will be displayed on the Puskás Arena website ( and at the Event venue.

j) Visitors, Ticket Holders expressly acknowledge that during the Event, visual and/or audio material such as photographs, film, TV and/or sound recordings (hereinafter referred to as "Recordings") of the Visitor (Ticket Holder) will be recorded by Rammstein Konzert GmbH (Hertzstraße 63 B, 13158 Berlin, hereinafter referred to as "Rammstein") and/or third parties commissioned by Rammstein for this purpose during the Event. By purchasing an Admission Ticket, the Visitor (Ticket Holder) agrees that he/she may be recorded by Rammstein Konzert GmbH or the Rammstein band, without any restrictions as to space, time or content, edited or unedited, in whole or in part, on physical or non-physical media/data storage devices, in any medium and format (e.g., but not limited to, print, social, audiovisual or online media), andy any such recording may be used by itself and/or through third parties, may be reproduced, distributed, broadcast, made publicly available and accessible without any limitation or compensation.

k) The Visitor (Ticket Holder) acknowledges that it is the responsibility and obligation of the Visitor (Ticket Holder) to familiarize himself and comply with the current laws, regulations and rules regarding entry and admission to the Event and participation in the Event. In the event of non-compliance with these laws, regulations and rules, the Ticket Holder may be refused entry or removed from the Event. No compensation shall be payable to the Ticket Holder or Visitor for any such exclusion or expulsion.


a) The Visitor (Ticket Holder) declares that he/she is aware that the Event Organiser excludes all liability for any risk, danger, injury or death that may arise in connection with his/her arrival at or departure from the Ticketed Event, excluding any event occurring at the Event venue.

b) Similarly, the Event Organiser excludes liability in the case of Visitors (Ticket Holders) aged 6-14 years if the risk, danger, injury or death results from the failure or breach of the obligation of supervision by the adult accompanying the child aged 6-14 years (point 5/h).

c) The Visitor (Ticket Holder) - in the case of 6-14 year olds, the adult guardian (5/h point) - acknowledges that he/she is attending an event where visitors are exposed to high levels of musical noise, heat and light and therefore the Event Organiser expressly excludes any liability for any damage resulting from these effects (whether to the auditory, nervous, visual or other sensory systems).

d) The Visitor acknowledges that the productions and performances presented during the Event are protected by Copyright and Performing Rights, therefore, pursuant to the applicable copyright and related rights provisions, the use of cameras and/or sound recording devices is strictly prohibited in the area of the Event and during the entire duration of the Event without the prior express written permission of the Rights Holders, and the taking of pictures and/or sound recordings of the Event, including the performances of any opening bands, is prohibited. The Event Organiser will publish a special notice on the granting of the right to record and will announce it at the venue of the event. Failing this, the right shall not be deemed to have been granted. Should such material be recorded, the Event Organiser shall be entitled to require any person in breach of this rule to destroy the recording, to suspend the act immediately, and to refuse entry to the event or to require the offender to leave the event without any obligation to pay compensation, indemnity or other compensation of this kind, or to refund or reimburse the ticket price or a specified part thereof.

e) Tickets are not refundable for non-attendance at the Event.

f) The start or gate opening time shown on the Ticket is indicative and the actual start of the Event or admission to the Event may not differ significantly. For certain Events, the start time shown is the start time of the main performance, and any opening bands or other accompanying events may take place before the start time shown on the Ticket.

g) Certain Tickets only allow access to certain categories of users (children's tickets, senior tickets, professional tickets, etc.) The Event Organiser is entitled to verify through the security service whether the Ticket Holder is entitled to use the Special Entrance Ticket. Entry may be refused to the Special Ticket Holder until the Ticket Holder has provided proof of eligibility for use. In the event of exclusion on such grounds, the Ticket Holder shall not be entitled to compensation.

h) During entry, the Event Organiser may, through the Event Security Service, in addition to checking the authenticity and validity of the Ticket, carry out a clothing and baggage check on persons entering the Event. This check is for the security of the visitors to the Event. Entry may be refused until the person waiting to be admitted can produce a valid Ticket or until the staff conducting the admission refuse entry to the person waiting to be admitted, giving adequate reasons.

i) Unless otherwise stated by the Event Organiser, it is prohibited to bring into the event aera any food, drink, opened or unopened bottles of liquids, canned goods, cans, bottles, plastic bottles, umbrellas, bags larger than A/4, any piercing or cutting tools, selfie sticks, food containers, audio recording devices, laser pointers, laptops, go-pro cameras, cameras, video cameras, drugs, explosives, weapons, chains or any other object that the Event Organiser deems dangerous to members of the audience or the conduct of the Event.

j) The Visitor is obliged to keep the Ticket with him/her and to present it to the authorised person for inspection upon request, as long as he/she remains on the Event premises. The Visitor acknowledges and accepts that certain Tickets may only be valid for certain areas within the Event area.

k) A seat Ticket entitles the Visitor to stay in the auditorium and during the performance only and exclusively at the place indicated on the Ticket.

l) Visitors must be seated in the auditorium no later than ten minutes before the start of the Event. In order to ensure the smooth running of the Event, the Event Organiser may restrict the movement of the Visitor in the auditorium.

m) Everyone may attend the Event at their own risk. Although the Event Organiser will use its best efforts to ensure the safe conduct of the Event, the Event Organiser cannot be held responsible for any irresponsible behaviour of Visitors. Such incidents must be reported immediately by the Visitor to the security service on site.

n) The Event is not open to visitors under the influence of alcohol, intoxication, drugs or other mind-altering substances, even if they present a valid Admission Ticket. No compensation or indemnity shall be payable to the Visitor (Ticket Holder) on account of such exclusion.

o) The Event Organiser may remove any Visitor (Ticket Holder) who disregards or grossly violates the conditions of participation, the rules of the Event or the house rules of the Event venue, the instructions of the security service and other law enforcement agencies, in order to ensure the safe conduct of the Event and the uninterrupted entertainment of the Visitors present at the Event. The Event Organiser shall not be liable to pay any compensation in the event of exclusion for such reason.

p) It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the performance, disturb the artists and contributors in any way, or to undermine or make their work impossible. The Event Organizer will immediately request the Visitor who behaves in this manner to suspend their activity. Any Visitor who continues to behave in a disorderly manner or commints grave misconduct despite the warning will be immediately removed from the Event venue by the Event Organiser. No compensation shall be payable to the Visitor for such exclusion.

q) The Event Organiser reserves the right to make minor and/or justified changes to the performer, cast, player, performance, starting time or other parameters of the Event and excludes any liability for damages arising from such changes.

r) The Event Organiser, both before and during the Event, reserves the right to upgrade the Ticket within the price category or to a higher price category in order to ensure the successful operation of the Event, and thus the right to re-seat the Visitor (Ticket Holder), provided that the Event Organiser shall provide proof of the upgrade or reclassification at the request of the Visitor (Ticket Holder) on the basis of the advertised category table. The Event Organiser shall not be liable to pay any compensation for any alleged or actual damage resulting from the reclassification and/or upgrade.

s) The event will also be held in case of rain.

t) The Event shall be deemed to have been held even if it is discontinued, interrupted, terminated early or delayed due to weather conditions, provided that:

• More than half of the Event has been held, or
• The start of the Event is delayed by less than fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled length of the Event; or
• If the Event is suspended for less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the scheduled length of the Event.

u) If the Event is suspended, the Event Organiser will endeavour to create the necessary conditions for the safe waiting of Visitors, but will not be liable for any failure to do so or for any inadequacy thereof.

v) In the event of cancellation of the Event, the Event Organiser shall immediately inform the Buyers by means of a notice on how to return the Tickets and how to obtain a refund of the Participation Fee. The notice shall include all relevant details of the cancelled Event, the fact and reason for the cancellation, the method of refunding the Tickets, the person who will refund the Tickets.


to the SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS in force from 7 September 2022 ON THE PURCHASE AND USE OF TICKETS AND PARTICIPATION IN EVENTS, hereinafter referred to as the STC.

Date of entry into force of Annex 1 - 22 March 2023.

For the RAMMSTEIN concerts to be held at the PUSKÁS ARENA in Budapest on 11 and 12 July 2023, in addition to the Special Terms and Conditions for the purchase and use of Tickets and participation in the Event, the Event Organiser shall, pursuant to clause 4(c) of the Special Terms and Conditions, determine the conditions for the preliminary re-personalisation of Tickets as detailed in this Annex.

In addition to the Special Terms and Conditions (STC), the Event Organiser has published a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the RAMMSTEIN concerts in Budapest. For questions not covered by this Annex, the provisions of the STCs shall prevail first and foremost, and the FAQs second. In case of divergent provisions, the provisions of this Annex shall apply.


a) The re-personalization of the purchased Ticket is carried out by the Vendor(s) on behalf of the Event Organizer and can only be initiated by the original Ticket Purchaser through the online platform of the Vendor(s) that originally issued the Ticket. An Original Buyer is a person who has purchased his/her Ticket directly from the Vendor(s) as defined in the STCs.

b) In the process of re-personalisation, the original Purchaser of the Ticket must provide the information required to identify the original Purchase Transaction as requested by the Vendor(s) on the Vendor(s) online platform and must declare that he/she has received permission from the person(s) concerned to enter the Name to be indicated on the Ticket(s).

c) The Original Ticket shall automatically expire upon re-personalization; only the new, re-personalized Ticket shall be valid for entry to the Event venue.

d) Preliminary re-personalisation shall commence on the date of entry into force of this Annex and shall end at 16:00 on 3 July 2023.

e) Preliminary re-personalisation is possible upon payment of a fee, the amount of which is HUF 3.800 (gross) per re-personalised Ticket and per occasion, which is charged to the Customer by the Vendor(s) on behalf of the Event Organiser.


a) The Event Organizer shall provide the Customer with the re-personalization of the Tickets at the designated ticket offices of the Puskás Arena even after the expiry of the deadline for the preliminary re-personalization, only on the day of the Event (on the date indicated on the Ticket).

b) The On-Site re-personalization is possible upon payment of a fee, the amount of which is HUF 7.600 (gross) per re-personalized Ticket, which is charged to the Customer by the Vendor(s) on behalf of the Event Organizer.

c) The additional terms and conditions of the On-Site re-personalisation, as well as its exact place, time, deadline and procedure shall be set out by the Event Organiser in Annex 2 of the Special Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Use of Tickets and Participation in the Event, which entered into force on 7 September 2022, and shall be published thereafter.

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