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Muse Kickoff "Simulation Theory" World Tour + Live Debut New Song

Written by Liza Blake / Photography by: Rich Fury / March 06, 2019

Indie-rock band Muse kicked off their Simulation Theory world tour in Houston, Texas on February 22nd and their newest live experience came to life "Tron"-style. The show features LED-clad dancers and a giant robotic skeleton that hangs over the stage, among many other theatrics. They started the show with a brightly lit and super sonic introduction:
Muse via Youtube
With a whopping 24-track setlist, Muse featured new songs like "Pray," "Algorithim," and "Plug in Baby" from their latest album, Simulation Theory. About half way through the set, the band even live debuted "Propaganda," which features dancers in futuristic uniforms matching along with the band.
Muse also makes sure to touch upon some of their more popular hits throughout their setlist. Tracks like "Psycho," "Hysteria," and "Madness" all make the official tour setlist!
Check out their official setlist from the Toyota Center in Houston:
Production-wise, Muse has surely outdone themselves for this tour. The group made sure to bring an abundance of dancers, confetti, and even a massive skeleton that came alive throughout the show. The inspiration for this stage design came from the album's extensive back catalogue, with careful attention to Simulation Theory.
Muse via Instagram
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