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Welcome to Wireless Festival Germany

Written by LNTV Germany / January 10, 2017


After 11 years of making urban & pop music history in the UK, Wireless festival is finally coming to Germany in 2017 - kicking off in June 2017 at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt.

Already a household name across the channel, Wireless festival in London made its name showcasing the freshest and biggest urban music acts. Over the years superstars like Drake, Missy Elliot, Kanye West, Rihanna and so many more have blown crowds away with unforgettable performances and special moments at Wireless in the UK. Now we’re bringing the event into your life in Germany. Are you ready?

Wireless is dedicated to bringing you the flyest and dopest international and German acts from the urban, hip-hop and pop world. Artists ranging from some of the baddest newcomers to classics and big superstar headliners. For one weekend in 2017, Wireless will bring legendary and brand new acts together, making memories for you to dream of until Wireless 2018.

Wireless is your feel-good weekend in the summer of 2017. Across 2 days and nights, over two main stages, 40.000 fans will have the chance to see the hottest artists at the legendary grounds of Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. Easy to reach, the Arena is tailor-made for you to hear your favourite tunes live and loud. Wireless is a festival catering to your comfort so you can enjoy your summer experience of 2017 and lose yourself in what really matters: The music and the experience. There will be a second main stage outside of the stadium as well as food trucks, chill-out areas and many more urban surprises for the fans.

Wireless is not only a festival. It’s a way of life with a magic vibe. 

We’re ready for something very special. Are you?

Watch the trailer to see which artists will be expecting you on June 24th & 25th Wireless Festival Germany in Frankfurt.

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