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MEETWAGEN: Hi Jennifer Weist!

Written by LNTV Germany / April 09, 2019

MEETWAGEN is Live Nation's new podcast format powered by carsharing service Ubeeqo!

Markus Kavka, host and chauffeur, welcomes some of the biggest stars of the national and international music industry as well as "heroes behind the scenes" to get an insight into their work.
In this mobile interview format, Markus picks up his guests and drives them to a concert venue, a press event, to the studio or to daily yoga practice. We will hear them talk about music, career, the ups and downs of life and much more.  The Ubeeqo rental car is the perfect setting for an intimate, relaxed and out of the box interview.

Some of the passengers include German rap superstar SIDO, country rock band THE BOSSHOSS, singer and songwriter DRANGSAL and musician and tv presenter JENNIFER WEIST – whether they want to go to their studio in Kreuzberg, stop at legendary Berghain or just grab a coffee at their favourite coffee shop, Markus takes them anywhere in Berlin!

Fasten your seatbelts - the third episode is now available for streaming. On board: JENNIFER WEIST 🚘🔊

Tune in!

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