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Charlotte Cardin: Striking Visuals for "The Kids"

Written by LNTV Germany / January 23, 2018

From popular model to acclaimed artist - 23 year old Canadian singer, Charlotte Cardin, is being praised for her effortless sound between Pop, Jazz and Electronic. In her music, the singer and pianist uses elements of classic Vocal as well as Cool Jazz and transforms it into a clever, postmodern sound which is in rotation on Canadian radio stations.

The new black and white clip for the single "The Kids" from her current EP "Main Girl" is pretty fascinating - Charlotte and her team managed to turn very personal and emotionally vital lyrics into striking visuals.

"'The Kids' is originally a song about children hearing their upstairs neighbors having violent fights," Cardin explains. "The video took this idea and pushed it further, making the song about a young kid raised by parents with substance abuse and in an unstable environment. He then grows up to be unstable and scarred by the terrible things he witnessed as a child. It's very dark, but also a truth lived by many."

In March this year, Charlotte is coming to Germany to play two shows in Berlin and Hamburg. Don't miss it!

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