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Steel Panthers Heavy Metal Mardi Gras Tour Highlights

Skrevet af Jessica Curtis / Photography by: Burak Cingi / February 18, 2019

The formidable hair band, known as Steel Panther, originally formed in 2000 and started their career recreating covers of 80s glam rock acts before releasing original music. While the guys haven't released new music since 2017's "Lower The Bar," they've announced a limited tour this fall in the states and plan on releasing something new sometime this year. According to guitarist Satchel,

"It sounds awesome so far," he said. "We're doing this little tour, so we've gotta take a break from doing some recording, but we're gonna probably start the lead vocals in about a month. The whole thing will be done [and] it will be ready to be released, hopefully, by the middle of next year."

While we wait for new music, the guys have plenty of material to work with, including four studio albums and a plethora of covers. Currently touring through the UK and Europe, the guys are bringing their signature style and hair defying hits to fans around the globe. If you're heading to one of the upcoming shows in the states, there's no denying they have a comedic flare to their music and shows. Much of their catalog can be compared to the artistry of  Weird Weird Al" Yankovic, while their shows are a time capsule of  80s rock ‘n’ roll, highlighting excess, loud guitars, fun times and of course, nostalgia

The guys kick off the night with "Eyes of a Panther," and continue with a mix of originals, "Death to All But Metal" and "Community Property," as well as a number of covers, including The Kinks "You Really Got Me," Van Halen's "Jump" and the infamous "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne. So far the band's set on their current trek in Europe and UK has been pretty consistent so we're sure fans can expect something similar on the upcoming tour. Hopefully some new tracks slip their way in as a special surprise for fans!







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