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Liam Gallagher's Why Me? Why Not. Tour afslutning

Skrevet af Lindsay Varney / Photography by: David Wolff - Patrick / March 01, 2020

Following a packed year of gigs in 2019, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has kicked off the new year with a string of dates across Europe.
Ending the previous year with a seemingly nonstop touring schedule around the UK and Oceania, Gallagher opened February by bringing his most recent tour back to Europe over the course of the month.
Deemed the Why Me? Why Not. tour in support of his recent album release of the same name, Gallagher and company kicked off the run in Stockholm, Sweden on February 2 and made their way around the continent before officially wrapping in Paris, France this past Friday.
Liam Gallagher Tweets Photo of Eiffel Tower 02/21/20
Of course, while this all sounds quite straightforward, it wouldn’t be a Liam Gallagher tour without an obstacle or two along the way.
In this case, it was exactly two bouts of trouble. The first came back in November when Gallagher was forced to cancel the opening show of the 2020 tour in Oslo, Norway due to “unforeseen circumstances” nearly four months after ticket on-sale.
The second was another unavoidable cancellation as he performed a mere four songs during only the third show of the run in Hamburg, Germany, blaming his sudden disappearance from stage on vocal problems. Talk about poor luck.
With more positive momentum carrying him into the last show of the European run, Gallagher was sure to take advantage of the times, playing a complete 19-song set in front of a packed crowd of nearly seven thousand.
While he has changed the setlist somewhat frequently throughout the thirteen-date trek, most of the alterations were minor, resulting in more consistency than deviation.
Check out the complete setlist from the Paris finale here!
Liam Gallagher Setlist @ Le Zenith 02/21/20
In Paris, Gallagher reached into his somewhat slim solo repertoire, stretching it as far as he could with only two full-studio albums under his belt. Luckily, with a catalogue as expansive and impressive as Oasis’s, he had plenty to utilize in order to fill some set space.
Of his solo work, Gallagher played very few hits off of his earliest record As You Were (2017). Performing only “Wall of Glass” and “For What It’s Worth,” he created significant room for a greater number of tracks off of Why Me? Why Not. (2019).
From the 2019 release, Gallagher wrapped the tour with tracks like “Halo,” “Shockwave,” “Be Still,” “Once” and “The River.” Alongside a simple one-monitor production, Liam’s famous microphone-tight presence shined through as the frontman managed to reel in the French crowd with ease.
Liam Gallagher Performs "Shockwave" Live 02/21/20
Not surprising of the larger-than-life character he is, Gallagher split the show into three acts — the main set, encore one and encore two. During the first set, the vocal legend dished out a healthy number of Oasis hits like “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star,” “Morning Glory,” “Stand By Me,” “Gas Panic!” and “Live Forever,” before heading straight into the first encore.
Liam Gallagher Performs "Gas Panic!" Live 02/21/20
After an unconvincing premature goodbye, Gallagher and his band returned to stage for the first of two encores during which he performed another round of Oasis tracks including “Acquiesce,” “Roll With It,” “Supersonic” and “Champagne Supernova.”
Just when I think I’ve accounted for all of Oasis’s major hits, Gallagher casually tosses out another, reminding me exactly why Oasis had seen so much success in their nearly two decade-long career.
With one last encore in tow for the remainder of the tour, Gallagher returned to the Paris stage for a two-song set featuring a pair of Oasis’s most-played songs live, “Wonderwall” and “Cigarettes & Alcohol.”
Liam Gallagher Performs "Cigarettes & Alcohol" Live 2020
Wearing his hood tied tightly around his head, Gallagher bent over for one final bow, ultimately closing the door on yet another wave of solo shows for the immediate future. And with a recent development of rumors regarding a potential Oasis reunion, us fans will remain on edge as we wait in desperate anticipation. However, with their given history, it’s hard to take any of the talk too literally. I guess only time will tell.
Whether or not that will be the official end to the Why Me? Why Not. promotion, Liam Gallagher has a list of one-off dates and festivals booked through this upcoming summer. For a full list of shows and ticketing information, visit his official website!
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