The Cure Play Longest Setlist on Robert Smith's Birthday in 2013

Asal Shah / Chelsea Lauren / April 22, 2020

The original king of goth, Robert Smith, is celebrating his 61st circle around the sun today, April 21st.
The iconic post-punk band is known for their prolific live sets that last for hours, but none have touched their longest one to date, which took place on Smith's (54th) birthday in 2013 at Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City. The concert hit a whooping 50 songs and lasted 4 hours and 16 minutes!
The Mexico City concert was a stop on The Cure's 2013 Great Circle Tour, which in general delivered impressive, lengthy sets. The setlist wasn't the only thing that shook fans up that day... The performance commenced after a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the city and rattled the stadium.
The band fired off the first hour of the set with "Open" and they continued to perform 25 songs, ending, well, on "End." They came back four times after this for their encores. The first two encores carried three songs each, gifting fans with both classics and deep cuts like "Fight," "Plainsong," and "The Same Deep Water as You."
The third encore lasted seven songs, with more deep cuts blessing the stage like "Shake Dog Shake," "The Handing Garden" and "Charlotte Somethings." The last and final encore carried an entire 12 songs. It started with "Dressing Up" and went on include other staples in the band's catalog like "The Lovecats," "Close to Me," "Why Can't I Be You?" and "Boys Don't Cry."
Smith performed "Three Imaginary Boys" and "Fire in Cairo" solo with no band toward the end of the set. As the forth hour of the night approached, they ended on song number 50 with "Killing an Arab." And yes, the crowd was still going wild, watch the video below for proof!
Check out the massive setlist right here:
The Cure
The tour's setlist saw 17 different albums and EPs throughout the trek, with Disintegration and Wish being the top two most performed.
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