Written by LN Team / February 25, 2019

With Eric Nam’s Aussie tour just around the corner (it kicks off on March 8th at Brisbane’s Triffid), we caught up with the K-Pop sensation to find out the answer to some fan questions…

LIVE NATION: What can Aussies fans expect from the Eric Nam Australian Tour?
ERIC NAM: I think my shows are a lot of fun. Great music and a good range of uptempo and ballads. Dynamic shows where fans get to hear the faves but new fans also have a great time.

LIVE NATION: Last time you were here you wrangled sheep. What cuddly furry Australian Animal are you keen to meet this time around?
ERIC: I’m scared. Actually, very scared but I want to meet a koala. Maybe this time around I will do it.


If you could travel back in time, which stage of your life would you go to and why?
Gosh. Maybe the beginning when I moved to Korea and this time around do things a little different and make some more music. But I’m really a no regrets, not looking back kind of person.

What do you do in your free time?
I like to write music. I’m always on the road or singing or on a tight schedule. I like to hang with friends, have a beer.. I’m really normal.

What’s your Hogwarts’s house?
I never finished the books. I’m just not a big reader but I definitely say Gryffindor.

Did you ever get bad grades in school?
Only in a few classes, overall I got good grades and went on to college and studying International Studies and Political Science.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Coffee, check my phone, answer messages and emails then sprint out the door (as I’m always late!!)

What do you like about travelling and where would you like to go that you haven’t been yet?
I love to meet fans all over the world  and it’s such a great opportunity. I find it really excited. I love going to local coffee shops and local spots and just do nothing and people watch. One place I haven’t been is Istanbul, Turkey which I’ve heard is beautiful.

Are you watching any TV shows right now?
I’ve been watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix lately. I just finished ‘You’ and I’m watching Kingdom.

If you were a chair and could have anyone DEAD OR ALIVE sit on you who would it be?
(laughing) Lord. Gosh. I guess I’d have to say Jesus.

Eric Nam’s Australian tour dates are as follows:
Friday, March 8 - Brisbane, The Triffid
Sunday, March 10 - Sydney, The Metro
Monday, March 11 - Melbourne, 170 Russell

Get tickets to the tour below!

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