Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser - OUT NOW!

Written by LN Team / July 14, 2020

She's the multi-award winning South African-New Zealander that you know and love, and her brand new Netflix Special, Overqualified Loser, is out now! Urzila Carlson is taking back the term ‘loser’ and making it okay. Urzila thinks of herself as an overqualified loser, because she excels at the things people think you shouldn’t excel at, and embraces her flaws.

Carlson said: “We’ve all done dumb things and embarrassing things, the art is to recognise what’s happening and to own it! ‘Overqualified Loser’ has been one of my great loves. I’ve loved performing this show to live audiences down under, and now through the magic of the interwebs you get to watch it in your home or devices, wherever you like, dressed any way you like, with no judgement from this loser.”  

You can watch a clip of the special below or head right to Netlfix and watch Overqualified Loser!

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