The Desk Tape Series: Australian Crawl Live at Billboard 1981

Written by LN Team / July 01, 2020

The Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA) has released its fifth edition of The Desk Tape Series, this time the featuring iconic Aussie band, Australian Crawl. The Desk Tape Series was created by ARCA to raise funds for Support Act's Roadies Fund to provide financial, health, counselling and well-being services for crews.

“The idea of our Desk Tape Series began some years ago for us to help in a small way to help give road crew recognition to themselves and to the public for their contribution to the Aussie music industry,” say founders and co-directors of ARCA, Ian Peel and Adrian Anderson.

The Desk Tape Series features are usually recorded by the acts' sound engineers, right from the mixing desk, giving the live recordings a sharp live punchiness. Australian Crawl: Live At Billboard 1981 was recorded and produced by George Alexander, the stage manager at the time. 

You can listen to Australian Crawl: Live At Billboard 1981 right here

Australian Crawl

If you wish to help out, donate or read more about supporting artists, crew and music workers, head to the Support Act website

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