From Prada to Live Nation

Written by LN Team / June 18, 2018

Just like you, we attend shows too and understand the importance of having an on-point outfit. Our fashion-forward team got together to discuss the future of concert fashion and how we can improve your event experience. 🎉 

Are you tired of the wait while you have your bag checked at security? And are you sick of doing the dance around your impractical oversized handbag because you don't want to hold it while you're dancing? Been there, done that.

We are pleased to introduce our brand new Show Bags - aka "ghost bags". 

⭐️ Here are the details:

- Security checks will be a faster process with the show bag meaning you can get into the venue quicker

- They're the correct size that's allowed into most venues* 

- They will be available as an addition to concert tickets

- They're made from clear PVC plastic, and are for multiple time use

- Display your ticket or a photo in the clear window to hide your personal belongings

*please check Terms and Conditions of entry


The style is also totally fresh off the catwalk 


What would you fill your Showbag with?


Pre-order yours now ⬇️

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