20 years of Taking Back Sunday.

Written by LN Team / Photo by NYLON / November 02, 2018

Taking Back Sunday are set to celebrate their 20th year anniversary as a band next year, and are taking it on the road with a tour that includes a string of Australian dates next January across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

To celebrate the 20 years, we’ve put together 20 highlights of the band over the years.

#1. 1999, the year the band formed! They formed in Amityville, New York.

#2. Their first studio album was released in 2002, entitled ‘Tell All Your Friends’. They dropped a ‘Fight Club’ inspired music video for ‘Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)’ - watch it below…

#3. The album went on to become their best-selling album to date, with over 790,000 copies sold, and the album certified gold in the US.

#4. Their second album ‘Where You Want To Be’ followed a number of members leaving and new members joining, and marked a change in sound for the band - however managed to commercially sell well, debuting at #3 in the Billboard 200 charts.


#5. The lead single from that album, ‘A Decade Under the Influence’ is still a fan favourite today! Watch a performance from 2007:

#6. They’ve listed musical influences from the likes of Modest Mouse, Lifetime and Fugazi to Quicksand, Nirvana and The Who - turning all those influences into a truly unique sound.

#7. After signing to major label Warner Bros. Records in 2005, the band released their third album in 2006, ‘Louder Now’.

#8. In 2007 the band gained even more mainstream exposure after lead singer Adam Lazarra appeared in an episode of ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’:

#9. 2007 was a busy year for the band who toured alongside My Chemical Romance as part of Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution tour.

#10. They also contributed to the ‘Transformers’ soundtrack that year with ‘What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?’

#11. After more line-up changes, 2008 saw the band drop ‘New Again’, their fourth album, which included “ "one of the heavier songs we've ever written” in the form of ‘Catholic Knees’.


#12. 2010 - The band came down to Australia to play as part of Soundwave, where they performed for crowds of 30,000!

#13. In April, John Nolan and Shaun Cooper announced they had re-joined the band (after previously leaving), along with the announcement that they were working on their fifth album. 

#14. They celebrated that year with a Christmas song, ‘Merry Christmas I Missed You So Much’.

#15. 2011 saw the band release their self-titled album, where they went on to play Warped Tour around the United States, as well as release a special Record Store Day release the following year.

#16. Ten years on from the release of ‘Tell All Your Friends’, they went on a 10th anniversary tour where they played the album from beginning to end.

#17. The band debuted a new song ‘Flicker Fade’ at a live show. The song went on to be lifted from the next album ‘Happiness Is’, which came out in March 2014.

#18. They released another album ‘Tidal Wave’ in 2016, which was described by Nylon as an album that "deals with the trials of homesickness as an adult and the changes that come with maturity".

#19. Here's another one from the latest album: 

#20. That brings us to the present, 2018! The band are set to release ‘Twenty’ on January 11th (the same day as their Melbourne show) with two new songs on it.

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