Written by Emilee Lindner / Photography by Colin Kerrigan / June 14, 2017

Some fans are claiming that Travis Scott broke a record after he played his song "Goosebumps" 14 times in a row at a concert in Oklahoma City. The rapper is currently on his Birds Eye View Tour and made a stop at the Criterion to pull off the remarkable feat.

Although the event went down last Friday, Scott recently uploaded a video of the whole attempt to his YouTube page. You can watch that below:

So. What was it like to be in the crowd while Travis rapped the same song over and over again? Apparently, pretty fun. As the video counts the number of performances, you can see the crowd emulating his energy, and as long as he keeps it up, they do too. Around the fifth performance, Travis takes a seat, but not for long. And at #14 the crowd is going wild, although much of the front can barely move, as the people in the back and pushed farther and farther up.

The unlimited energy of both Scott and his fans has been the major story coming out of the Birds Eye View Tour -- at his Terminal 5 show in New York City, fans jumped from a balcony to join the mosh pit. The Birds Eye View Tour rolls on until June.

As for the record, Stereogum claims that Scott beat out Jay Z and Kanye West's performance of "N**as In Paris," which they reportedly played more than 10 times in Paris in 2011.

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