Written by Emilee Lindner / Photography by Sachyn Mital / June 30, 2017

Lorde doesn't want to talk about her secret onion rings Instagram ever again. But on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon got her to admit that the rumored account reviewing the delicious bar food is indeed hers. On the late-night show, Lorde admitted she took down the silly Instagram handle to avoid getting onion rings getting thrown at her on tour, and instead she performed "Perfect Places," off her just-released Melodrama.

Melodrama is out today (June 16), and includes the charged "Greenlight," along with the song she performed for Fallon. On the show, she wore an oversized white suit, with shoots of delicate white flowers stemming from her back. The flowers formed an illuminated halo around her head as she sang "Perfect Places," a song about growing up and feeling the fire of youth: "Let's kiss and then take off our clothes / It's just another graceless night," she sang. "All of the things we're taking / 'Cause we are young and we're ashamed / Send us to perfect places."

At the end of the performance, she symbolically shed her childhood innocence, ripping the flowers from her back and crushing them on the floor. In typical Lorde fashion, she concluded the show by staring down the camera, making intense and uncomfortable eye contact with the viewers at home.

After you're done watching the "Perfect Places" performance, check out her onion rings conversation below. And then grab tickets to her Melodrama World Tour

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