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Written by Live Nation Asia / June 17, 2020

A newly independent singer-songwriter hailing from Hong Kong, the multi-talented musician Robynn Yip started her career busking and uploading cover performances online. Until recently, she was signed to Universal Music as a duo under the name Robynn & Kendy. Together with her duo partner, Robynn produced six full-length albums and was one of the top eight finalists on the third season of The Voice of China.

Robynn is set to deliver a special intimate performance presented by Live Nation. We caught up with Robynn to chat about her exciting solo career launch and recent life.


Can you tell us more about yourself especially for those who are new to your music? E.g. where are you from, music background, where are you based?

Hi everyone! My name is Robynn Yip and I'm a singer-songwriter based in Hong Kong. I used to be a part of Universal Music Hong Kong and debuted as an artist as a part of a duo called Robynn & Kendy in 2012. This year I'm venturing out to be a label-less independent act while trying to embark upon a solo career as well separate from my duo. We've had a lot of successes and have had six albums and multiple concerts, but we felt it was time to explore new horizons!


We hope you have been doing well! What have you been up to? Have you been writing new music lately?

Thank you so much! I've been preparing for my solo career launch and it has been quite challenging, to say the least, to do so around the time of the pandemic. But I've been writing and recording new songs, shooting music videos, planning photoshoots, and all the logistical things that I guess I never had to do as a signed artist! It's been a steep learning curve and I'm taking everything step by step.  I'm really enjoying this new phase in my career though! Nerve wrecking and also exciting at the same time!


Who / what inspired you to start a career in music?

I actually was always interested in music in school - I joined school bands, led acappella groups, and took voice lessons and just did a lot of music all my life. But I guess my parents have always loved singing, and my dad actually bought me my first guitar. It was not until I decided to write a song for a crush though that I started song writing back in middle school - I was a super super shy girl and felt it was the only way for me to express how I felt! But I actually initially wasn't gonna pursue music. I was a therapist for children with autism upon completing my degree in Human Development and Psychology - but I just really enjoyed shooting YouTube covers in my free time, to continue to have some music in my life after I graduated from school. At that point, it was still very early stages of YouTube so I was amongst the earlier batch of YouTubers from Hong Kong. So I guess nothing specific inspired me to pursue music - it all came step by step.


Tell us more about your music – how would you describe your artistry to someone who's never seen you perform?

I guess my music is very acoustic singer-songwriter, sometimes chill, and sometimes quite emotional. All-in-all I am a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, and I also use the loop pedal sometimes.


What’s the favorite song you’ve released so far and why?

I really like Robynn & Kendy's "Sail Away", it is probably one of my favorites on our third album that I co-wrote with Kendy, my duo partner. A lot of the songs I'm picking today are from the Robynn & Kendy era since I'm literally just starting off my solo career - but I'd say my new song "Lost Forever" is pretty up there too.

What is your biggest career highlight?

I'd say having a headlining stadium concert locally in HK, having had six album releases, and going on national tv with the Voice of China. A lot of which caused me a lot of stress, haha, but they're all still experiences I would never replace, because I've learned so much. They are all moments I'd look back on with a proud smile.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I guess the best piece of advice I've ever received is really to learn everything and then throw everything out the window when you perform. A lot of times we all get too distracted by trying to "do well", but really the audience wants to enjoy the music with you, and have fun with you.


If you had to choose a theme song that would match your life right now, what would it be and why?

I guess it would be my new song "Lost Forever". It's kind of like a dystopian love song that really resonates with how I feel these days with all the craziness in the world, but I'm glad that I have the love of my life to escape reality with sometimes!


What songs are on your current playlist?

“Everyday Life” by Coldplay, very much the top of my list. “I Guess I Just Feel Like” by John Mayer, and some chill R&B styled K-pop to lighten the mood.


We are very excited about your virtual performance! What should audience expect? Any special message to people who will be watching the performance all over Asia?

I guess the audience can expect to hear a lot of my originals, and also, I threw a cover in there in the mix. I'll be playing and singing and will be on different instruments for different songs - some with some extra gear as well. I guess a special message for those of you who don't know me, HELLO! Nice to meet you! I hope that my music can soothe your soul during this time, and that if you like what you hear please follow my social media to get updates on my solo career launch and first solo song that was just released!

Thank you Live Nation also for this opportunity, I'm really honored to be able to be a part of this!

Love, Robynn x


Catch Robynn’s performance on Live From Home:

Tuesday, June 23, 9pm local time

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