LN Christmas Guides: What To Buy... Your Uncle Who Loves A Laugh

Written by Andy Ritchie / December 18, 2016

Christmas is a golden time for comedy. Some of our comic faves have DVDs out (perfect for post-Chrimbo lunch slumping), and we're looking forward to the year ahead stuffed full of comic wizards touring up and down the country.

Everyone loves a laugh, and we've all got that one uncle / relative who's obsessed with comedy, don't we? Allow us to take the pain out of your Christmas shopping and throw a few suggestions for what you could be getting them this year...

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Brennan Reece's Everglow tour
WHERE / WHEN: Manchester's loveliest son has a six-night residency at London's Soho Theatre in January!
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: Brennan's Everglow is more than just a comedy show: it's an emotional journey through his awkward life so far. It just so happens to be very, VERY funny, too.

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Jimeoin's Renonsense Man tour
WHERE / WHEN: The Irish funnyman hits UK theatres with his latest show in February.
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: If you can watch his face for two minutes and NOT crack a smile, well we don't know what to tell you. 

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Count Arthur Strong's The Sound Of Mucus
WHERE / WHEN:  He's got about a million (not actually) shows lined up between February and June next year.
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: Stepping out of the small screen and onto the stage, Steve Delaney's character really comes to life in front of you. 

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Paul Foot's Tis A Pity She's A Piglet tour
WHERE / WHEN: The wacky-haired weirdo hits a venue near you in February.
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: If your uncle's a slightly awkward, slightly unhinged middle-aged man, expect him to see a lot of himself in Foot's live show!

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Rhys James: Forgives
WHERE / WHEN: James has a five-night residency lined up at London's Soho Theatre at the end of February / start of March.
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: James' is crude, rude, younger than your uncle and probably better looking. He'll love to hate 'im!

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Angelos & Barry: The New Power Generation
WHERE / WHEN: The gruesome twosome have a two-week residency at London's Soho Theatre lined up for February.
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: As TV and radio staples for the last decade or so, The New Power Generation sees Angelos & Barry at their most outrageous yet.

WHERE / WHEN: The duo will criss-cross the country (that country being Scotland) throughout March and April
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: If Uncle Jim isn't familiar with Robert Florence or Iain Connell, he's missing out on one of the greatest comic pairings of our generation. Just listen to that clip above for evidence!

GET THEM A TICKET TO... Rob Brydon's I Am Standing Up... tour
WHERE / WHEN: He has a whole host of dates lined up for March across the country. 
WHY THEY'LL LOVE IT: Because it's Rob flipping Brydon! He's basically a national treasure and if you ask nicely, he might even crack out a few impressions, too. Alright, he'll definitely do that.

Right, that's another gift sorted! Who's next?

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