LN Christmas Gift Guides: What To Buy... Your Ma (Who Deserves The World!)

Written by Andy Ritchie / December 18, 2016

Ahh, mums. Where would we be without 'em? Well other than "not born", probably a lot worse off all round. Mums are great. 

Anyway, we have a few ideas for how you can make your mum's Christmas super special this year. Give her the stars...

WHERE / WHEN: The Goss brothers will play the UK's arenas throughout August next year.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: THE original boyband, BROS paved the way for N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, One Direction and everyone else that followed. Take your mum because she loves 'em... and go along with her to see what history in the making looks like!

GET HER A TICKET TO... Michael Ball & Alfie Boe's Together Again Tour
WHERE / WHEN: They'll be doing an outdoor run in the summer, and an indoor one in the winter.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: Because it's two legends of the stage, doing what they do at their absolute best. Plus if she missed it the first time around, she's probably desperate to see it on this run.

GET HER A TICKET TO.... Robbie Williams' Heavy Entertainment Show tour
WHERE / WHEN: Robbo will hit six of the UK's biggest stadiums next summer.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: 'Angels'. 'Let Me Entertain You'. 'She's The One'. 'Rock DJ'. 'Strong'. 'No Regrets'. 'Millennium'. 'Party Like A Russian'. Need we say more?

GET HER A TICKET TO.... Cliff Richard's Fabulous Rock 'N Roll tour
WHERE / WHEN: The Cliff is set to play a whole host of beautiful outdoor venues in June and July next year.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: Show us a mum that doesn't love Cliff and we'll show you a LIAR! The man's been going strong for over five decades now, and he's showing no signs of slowing down.

GET HER A TICKET TO.... Depeche Mode
WHERE / WHEN: Just the one date at London's Stadium on 3rd June.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: It's been too long since the 'Mode have played the UK, and we bet even longer since your ma has seen them. Treat her to a show from pretty much the most influential British band of all time. 

GET HER A TICKET TO.... Anastacia's Ultimate Collection Tour
WHERE / WHEN: The Ultimate Collection tour stops off pretty much everywhere across the country in May and June.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: Not only is Anastacia a one-woman hit factory, she's an inspiration to women the world over who have battled the Big C. Plus THAT VOICE!

WHERE / WHEN: We have Macy playing Manchester and London in March.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: Macy's shows are an intimate affair, with the good-natured songstress mixing in storytelling with her performance. It's a lot of fun to be a part of.

GET HER A TICKET TO.... Sophie Ellis Bextor
WHERE / WHEN: Catch SE-B on the road in February and March.
WHY SHE'LL LOVE IT: As a mum herself, Miss Ellis-Bextor knows the value of putting on a good show when you've got kids to get back to! 

Right, that's mum sorted! Who next? 

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