#EdFringe Previews: Rachel Parris' Keynote

Written by Andy Ritchie / July 31, 2017


Now that it's August, we're off North of the border to the world's greatest arts, comedy and entertainment festival - Edinburgh Festival Fringe! This year, we're taking up almost 20 of the finest comedians from the UK and beyond, and let us tell you, we've got some seriously funny shows up our sleeves this year!

You might have seen Rachel Parris' on the new BBC comedy The Mash Report, giving her insight into the social media happenings of the week. But Rachel is a woman of many (many!) talents, as she returns to Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year with her show Keynote. The premise? Rachel was asked to give a speech at her old university... which she still hasn't done, but she *has* written an Edinburgh show instead. Feast your eyes on the video above to see Rachel talk about it all, and even preview a cheeky snippet of the set.

Rachel performs at Edinburgh Festival Fringe all this August at 8.20pm in Pleasance: 10Dome. You can book a ticket by following the link below... or just pick one up when you're in town!

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